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How to spot a liar | Pamela Meyer 4.5
On any given day we're lied to from 10 to 200 times, and the clues to detect those lie can be subtle and counter-intuitive. Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting, shows the manners and "hotspots" used by those trained to recognize deception -- and she argues honesty is a value worth preserving.

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What if she's lying about how to spot a liar?

Author — D-rex


Liars are believed more than those who tell the truth.

Author — RAMSES II


I never trust people who speak too quickly, over confidently, or try to persuade assumptions as undeniable truths.

Author — ratmfan41


The more a person talks the more they lie.

Author — Muakib


"Marge, it takes two to lie -- one to lie and one to listen." (Homer Simpson)

Author — OolTube02


People with social anxiety and serious introverts can show all the symptoms of lying while telling the truth because their whole personality is about being concealed, and they automatically do these things subconsciously. Their fears make them feel like they are lying although they are being truthful.

Author — Clyde x


She's teaching everyone HOW to lie lol

Author — Eileen85


“It’s not a lie if you believe it.”
George Costanza

Author — Sirius Metta


I'm thinking of the pain her husband must be in.

Author — Arnab Sahu


Usually liars have burning pants that's way easier 🤞

Author — Shaheer Asim


Plot Twist: This whole presentation is a LIE

Author — Tone Rebel


"Hi, nice to meet you" look I've alright lied within the first sentence lmao

Author — Faith Arnett


Yes, okay, I am watching this at 2 thirty in the morning.

Author — Jawad


I’m going to be soooo much better at lying after watching this

Author — Youtube Freak


Who lied to this lady that she had to write a book about it.... 😭💀

Author — Jade gee


One good indication someone is a liar, is if they're doing a TED talk.

Author — The Smoking Dog


I think everything she said was a lie.

Author — Wandering Wade


Simple we are humans and it’s part of us.. Lying is needed to coexist depends always on how you see it and use it..

Author — Daniela Dani


The duping smile on that woman disturbed me

Author — Pia


Q: If a chicken said “All chickens lie”, would it be telling the truth?

A: Chickens can’t speak English.

Author — R Banerjee