How to Back Lever (NEW METHOD)

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In this FitnessFAQs video we will be learning how to do a back lever. This is the fastest way to learn the back lever using a new method with a resistance band. Most people waste too much time with useless progressions and long duration holds, this is why they progress slowly. In this tutorial, we will be covering the best way to approach your back lever training. In order to get perfect form with the back lever, a band placed around the hips or used in between the thighs will be best. We hope the tips and tricks in this video will help you with your back lever training. If you read the description box, leave a thumbs up on the video.

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australia has such clean and great looking calisthenic parks

Author — Daniel Chachanashvili


Man, I, ve been stuck on the one leg BackLever for like 2 months. Tried your method and got the full Lever within a week.
Amazing method!

Author — Andrei Teo


If you do something wrong in the first resistance band exercise, your balls will hurt!

Author — J P


Do the same principles apply also for the front lever?

Author — Petros Barmpounakis


The bands are amazing I wish I started out using em in the beginning

Author — Burley Z


These two exercises were the last I needed before doing the back lever. Thank you for helping me break my plateau!

Author — Harry Walker


Hello! I have one question - why you stopped your planche progression? You could 13 sec straddle, i think that enough to start trying full planche, isn't it?

Author — NGC 1232


"We don't all have the luxury of a friend..." oh dang, it's like he looked into my soul :(

Author — rmaxix


Just succeeded in doing my first back lever today thanks to you and this progression!

Author — The Demmonstrator


Thanks so much for this Daniel. It's EXACTLY what I was looking for. Cheers mate!

Author — Pau Kung


Hey Daniel, i'm currently struggling with the straddle back lever on ring. Thank you for this video, I'll incorporate it in my future training.

Author — Clovis Wouters


Literally just thought it is time i should learn this, and then i check my feed and see this :)

Author — Eirik Skjørstad


How do I train skills and for more reps in all my main exercises at once?

Author — Monju Inc.


I do this with a dip belt and resistance bands where the carabiners loop into the band. Sort of similar to what gymnasts call a dream machine or 50/50 or.. pulley system. Idea is the same with Daniel's. PTSD of getting my balls hurt made me switch to this.




Hey Daniel, great video!

I was wondering if you could answer a small question I had. I can hold the back lever with a pronated grip. But everytime I attempt it, I get a sharp pain on the back of my elbow and front of the bicep. Is there any strengthning exercise you could suggest please?

As always, videos are brilliant <3

Author — Bawbarzz


Comparing you to guitarhero skill lvl, you are above those crazy 100% on expert mode in "through the fire and flame"!

Author — Erik Johansson


Great video Daniel. Are there some anatomical advantages that some have for back lever? I have never found it anywhere near as difficult as so many seem to say it is. I'm 54, 180 cm and 82 kg and my back lever is pretty solid. I never really went through the entire progression, just lots of skin the cats and I was pretty much there. I never trained specifically for it.

Author — Carl Piaf


Great video, as always!
Is it recommended to start with the front or the back lever? Or does it really matter?

Author — A Blind Lawyer


Great video as usual.
I was wondering if you could make a similar video giving us ways to use the band for the front lever.

Author — Milind Sharma


Hi! Great video!!!
In your old progressions video for the back lever you recommend Shoulder dislocates to start... However I would dislocate my shoulder (for realsies!) if do that, because of an old injury (Recurrent anterior dislocation due to trauma).
I've been training my strength and shoulder stability lately. Do you think it would be safe for me to train for the back lever at some point (sooner or later)???

Author — Raktasdelespacio