BEST Magic Show in the world - Genius Rubik's Cube Magician America's Got Talent

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BEST Magic Show in the world - Genius Rubik's Cube Magician America's Got Talent 5

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If you put it to 0.25 speed you will see...
The same thing but slower

Author — codey chang


It's illegal to do magic out of Hogwarts.

Author — Leonid Aleksandrov


He should have broken the official world record for fastest solved Rubix cube.

Author — JOY HAZRA


masked magician : i gonna end this man whole career.. 😂😂😂😂
i understand some of this magic trick happen.. but some of this, still can't figure out.. however that's why it's call magic "trick" .. not magic power or else. however to pull this trick out.. you must be some kind of expert & good magician. & this man is very2 good.

Author — Lunatic Gamez


Start watching from 3:19 in 0.25x speed and you will know that he permuted the cube in such a way that the three sides he showed were solved, but the other 3 sides, weren't.😉😉

Author — Ojas Pednekar


If you pay close attention to his hands... you will still realize I have no idea how he does it.

Author — V


if you pay extremely close attention to simons hands, you will see hands

Author — Stamina


me: i bet that small cube the colour is blue

it:being blue

me:maybe i can do magic XD

Author — emil5163 emil5163


14 straight minutes of Simon Cowell being confused

Author — groovydrew


him : there are 43 quintillion ways of-
me: what’s quintillion? lol

Author — ami Trivedi


So 10 year olds singing gets a golden buzzer but this dark magic does not?

Author — Lorenzo Gabriel Cabellon


“Can i look in it”
*proceeds to crush the back*

Author — Sss Ssss


3:21 you can actually see he solves the hidden 3 sides while mixing it up because there are no red, white, or green colors on the other 3 sides

Author — Machine Elf Labs


When you see Simon's scramble at the audition before he puts it in the bag you can see 4 yellow squares in the corner that are gone when he pulls them out to compare. My guess is that there are 3 cubes one that Simon scrambled 1 that he scrambled before the trick and one during. The one he scrambled before he remembered how he did it so he could do it again during the show.

Author — Jeremy Melis


The only explanation is that he can stop time.

Author — Tribal Ace_Z


him: does it for 1 second


me trying to break the cube and put each block to its correct place: MA-GIC!

Author — 100,000 subscribers without ZERO upload CHALLENGE


Plot twist: The judges are a paid actor.

Author — a sad cat


Someone help this man just got obliviated for exposing the magic world to muggles😂😂😂

Author — Melissa Morris


With the last one, i was like not that hard when we was mixing it with Howie... just learn how the reverse (behind the back) movements work.. if that makes sense... and watch Howie with his moves.. then he showed the big cube... i was speechless

Author — General Lacey


Well my father is a magician too..

He disappeared when I was 4

Author — cipher 0