The World Record History of New Super Mario Bros. Wii

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About a year ago, I posted a world record history video of New Super Mario Bros. Wii any%. In that year, a lot has changed, so I've decided to remake the video. This is the story of how the category went from unoptimized and pushed off to the side, to one of the most optimized New Super Mario Bros. games to date.

This series was heavily inspired by SummoningSalt's world record progression videos, and AverageTrey's Super Mario Sunshine videos. Please check these two out!

Thank you to the following people for all the help with this video. Please go and check them out for NSMBW content and runs!

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OST Songs Used:
0:00 New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Overworld Theme
2:43 Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Star Festival
4:06 Super Mario Galaxy - Beach Bowl Galaxy
7:28 Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour - Skins Match
8:26 Super Mario RPG - Forest Maze
10:31 Super Mario Galaxy - Megaleg Phase 2
11:30 Super Mario Bros. 3 - Overworld 1 Theme
13:20 F-Zero GX - Shotgun Kiss (Casino Palace)
15:09 Super Mario Galaxy - Dino Piranha
16:51 Super Mario Galaxy - Waltz of the Boos
20:58 Celeste - Reach for the Summit
22:18 Sonic Adventure - At Dawn (Speed Highway)
23:41 Soul Calibur II - Quest for Glory
28:59 Mario Kart 7 - Rainbow Road
31:18 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Rogueport Sewers
34:15 Super Mario Sunshine - Ricco Harbor
35:25 Super Smash Bros. Melee - Target Test
36:10 Super Mario Sunshine - Gelato Beach
38:45 Super Mario 64 - Staff Roll

Thank you so much for watching!

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The video seems to be gaining some traction recently! (6k views in about 50-55 days, 1k views in the past 2 days alone). If you're seeing this comment, thanks for watching! I try to respond to the comments I see when I can, and I really appreciate all the kind words people have been leaving. Please support the people creating similar content to me like SummoningSalt, SpeedDocs, and other creators as well! I appreciate the comparisons in terms of quality and the next video (Minecraft WR History) will surpass this one by a mighty big margin in my opinon. I have invested quite a bit of money into microphones, and done lots of researching on editing as a whole and want to take this to the next level.
Thank you all so much again, and look out for much more like this in the future!

Author — Connor01


I loved how you made me out to be a boss. Great video!

Author — Raiker Z


I love how many YouTubers have started making videos like summoning salts history of speedrunning series, I just can't get enough

Author — Angel LM


"Despite these odd mistakes, the run was very solid overall, and in the end he managed to *beat his pp.* "

Author — MagmaTurtle Gaming


Just got flashbacks of getting my copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It was such a fun game

Author — Pixelcraftian


One of the most underrated Youtube videos i’ve ever seen, deserves at LEAST 4 Million views. Loved every second of it. I hope to see more projects like this! =)

Author — Giancarlo


If anyone is curious, PidgeySR has the world record atm, he beat it yesterday (barely)

Author — Tristan Reimers


I found this video after I did a "speedrun" of this game.



This is some high quality stuff! For a while I thought i was watching Summoning Salt. I very rarely willingly watch 40-minute videos all the way through, but this was definitely worth it.

Author — Chrythm


Great video, very informative man, you clearly put a lot of work into this. Glad I caught this live and could explain the most revolutionary strat in the whole game - unbiased opinion of course.

Author — tomygun75


For anyone that sees this, there's a random thing that I'd like to clarify since I randomly stumbled upon this video again today. To start out January the WR was Fade's 24:29 (mid 22:22 without loads.) On the 5th of January, Uvideo gets a 24:35 that most assumed had tied Fade's 24:29 since his loads were thought to be slower in that run than they actually were and Uvideo's splits said that WR was 24:35 with his loads. Fade was one of those people, so that's why he said "broke the tie" in his 24:28 popoff four days later (35:50). Small technicality that I felt like clearing up, and if you're seeing this Conner: really nice vid, glad to see it getting more attention.

Author — NateCC14


RaikerZ: Wow I got world record!!!

RaikerZ: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

Author — Sozenblogin


38:32 I feel like I should point out that there’s a mistake in the information given here, as the WR at the time of my 24:35 run was a low 24:29 by Fade, which was around a second faster than my run with loads removed. The 24:28 run was achieved by Fade a few days after my PB. The reason I thought my run may have been WR at the time was because the load times I was getting in previous runs were a bit worse than the 24:35. Needless to say, I wasn’t too surprised when it was retimed to be 2nd place, considering I had a 6 second time loss in 8-2.

Author — Uvideo


Imagine how bowser feels, he finally makes a plan to get the princess, him and his kids pull it off, then 25 minutes later mario makes his castle fall on him.

Author — Ghastly12


I still remember when this video was uploaded, It had so few views, but It was so well produced, now it has 250k views and it's still growing.
I'm very glad to have found your channel and being here since the beginning
Congratulations dude, and good luck with this channel

Author — Eusou Eu


I love how this video is longer than it actually takes to beat the game

Author — Matthew Beale


This video is incredibly well edited, and informative. I was completely shocked when I saw the view count.
You deserve way more! I hope this video becomes more popular soon :D

Author — Laromlab Maybe


You know it’s going to be good when the 25 minute barrier gets broken and there is still 24 minutes left of the video.

Author — Luigi 3K


I hope this video keeps growing in views, very well put together and now I have an interest in NSMBW speedrunning!

Author — Cyan Giorgio


Very well made video! Glad I could catch it live :)

Author — PidgeySR