Why Jeremy Hunt thinks he'll be Britain's next prime minister | The Economist Podcast

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Why Jeremy Hunt thinks he'll be Britain's next prime minister | The Economist Podcast 3.5

Jeremy Hunt, Britain's foreign secretary, is a front-runner to become prime minister. He spoke with The Economist about his chances of leading the Conservative Party, and relations with Donald Trump and with China.

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00:28 - Why should MPs back you? What makes you different from Michael Gove and Boris Johnson?
02:31 - Can you just absolutely clarify for us what is your position on no deal?
04:01 - Do you think no deal is as bad as the Economist has been pretty clear all along and we've done very deep dives on it form a number of perspectives that we think it's pretty catastrophic for the UK economy and not very good for Europe either do you share the depth of feeling that the Economist has?
05:07 - How high is the probability of a no deal in percentage terms?
05:57 - Are there any candidates that you would or wouldn't serve under in this race?
06:26 - Why are you a better candidate than Michael Gove?
06:53 - Is it fair to change leaders in this slightly odd donkey derby with a very small electorate at a time of national crisis without the country being consulted?
07:56 - Whats your key argument for not simply going back to where we started, we started with going to the people and asking them whether they wanted to remain or leave the EU, what would be wrong with going back?
09:23 - Do you regret voting remain in the referendum?
09:49 - So knowing what you know now, would you have voted leave?
10:08 - How did we get here that we need to learn from and how much of it is the fault of Theresa May?
11:57 - Donald Trump has just been visiting you've spent some time with him, how did you find him?
13:38 - What do you say to those who say actually many of his values are not those that should be emulated or celebrated and who have wished for a moment perhaps of those at the very top of politics yourself to send a clearer message about that as president?
15:28 - President Trump this week promised the UK a phenomenal trade deal but one where everything is on the table and that includes NHS procurement - how realistic is that, it does seem to be something of a requirement from the American side however strongly many Brits feel that the NHS should be their hand and not American companies in any meaningful form?
16:41 Huawei
18:22 - Do you feel that China is an enemy to western democracies and to the United Kingdom?
20:17 - What are the chances that the next time we see you, you are the leader of the Conservative party and indeed the Prime Minister?

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Why does Hunt consistently mis-spell his name?

Author — vtrevlyn39


Hunt is a remainer and WILL NOT deliver Brexit

Author — be frank


Hunt is a walking disaster area. The only positive achievement of his career to date is to provide the English language with some new rhyming slang.

Author — Jack W


slime slime slime, this bloke is about as genuine as a pair of glasses from a looky looky man

Author — Team crap sheep


Hunt going on the media rounds with the same thing:
Yes, all paths we can do are absolutely terrible, but MY plan will fix this! Too bad it is basically May's plan.

Author — Ben Graham


The journalist looks like Brienne of Tarth

Author — Excali BirB


The weekend stories of his domestic affairs meaning b johnson are only an aperitif for his future as Britain’s leader. I have a hunch that Johnson will come to regret securing the prize for which he has struggled so long, because the experience of the premiership will lay bare his absolute unfitness for it.

If the Johnson family had stuck to showbusiness like the Osmonds, Marx Brothers or von Trapp family, the world would be a better place. Yet the Tories, in their terror, have elevated a cavorting charlatan to the steps of Downing Street, and they should expect to pay a full forfeit when voters get the message. If the price of Johnson proves to be Corbyn, blame will rest with the Conservative party, which is about to foist a tasteless joke upon the British people – who will not find it funny for long.

i believe it would be a very good thing indeed if we had someone as primeminister as J Hunt, with a solid political career behind him who can be entrusted with leading the uk into a better future.



Oh Jez - Let's hope no one looks too deep into your entrepreneur past it may halt your quest for the top job!

Author — andrew chapman


Jeremy Hunt did a terrible job as Health Minister and without doubt would be a disaster of a Prime Minister

Author — Pippa Leighton


I recently heard this man droning on about for filling young people's dreams and full potential, reaching for the stars and all that crap!!!! Please spare us, please!!!! Torys are on life support, Hunt will definitely be the off switch.

Author — Tron Dog


He can go jump hes a complete and utter remainer agaist democracy in all ways a traitor like may .

Author — Nancy Reid


Ewww. He has a romantic understanding of the 'special relationship'. The sycophantic needyness this exudes is just so much cringe.


Author — Rex Stout


Another lackey from the long list of yes men.

Author — IA IK


Wait a minute please. Isn't THIS the buffoon who had the corrupt and collapsed NHS on his watch?

Author — particles2011


Spare us, just more of the same good bye Hunt

Author — Heather 17


Did he come to the studio straight from one of Michael gove s
Columbian marching powder parties
Or is that just dandruff on his jacket
What a load of wiff waff and piffle bah

Author — Bill Gowland


No PM will get a good deal with the EU. There's nothing new coming out of his mouth, same old weakness. And his 'bitter industrial dispute' was the very thing that makes me dislike this man.

Author — denbydish


He will have to hypnotize all eu to accept terms.

Author — Jane South


So All the 18/30 year old males in the UK will get a shock in two years if we do not leave the eu army will be formed and all 18/30 year old males will have to do two years service as a conscript and there will be no getting out of it

Author — Johnnn Doeee


He reminds me of Rimmer from Red Dwarf.   I keep thinking he should have an "H" on his forehead !

Author — ZaphodBeeb1