King Lil G - Grow Up (Official Music Video)

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King Lil G - Grow Up (Official Music Video) 5

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I don’t know why but I came across this song and it’s exactly what I needed to hear right now 🙏 for those that come from nothing 🤝

Author — David Carretero


People who disliked this are people who had a real child hood and parents with money

Author — lil_speedy


This song makes you think about life....

Author — Jazlynn Oats


I feel you on all your songs lil G. From growing up with no dad to gangbanging, to selling drugs and hitting licks. My brother met you a couple years back in az, he got a picture with yiu and a autographed lost in smoke 2 picture. He's doing some time in prison he calls me to put your music on, this is a something me and my brother and sister can all relate on.. much love and respect from the 623 keep doing your thing homie, alrato

Author — Joseph Barraza


"I truely needed my father " felt that straight up

Author — LetTheMusic Speak!


"I was eating cereal, my momma cried to sleep"
Straight up facts, Don't forget where you started and where you came from, keep it real💯.

Author — Justin Guerrero


Every boy from the hood wanna buy they mama a house and see them smile for good

Author — Rocky Plays


“What do u wanna be when u grow up, I wanna be a mf hustler”

Author — Peanut_hernandez


"Acting older than i was, i should have acted my age"

Author — Enes. t


Good morning boys and girls
You over there in that black shirt
What you wanna be when you grow up?

[Verse 1 - King Lil G:]
My mother worked two jobs, gang banging was too raw
1993, I was bumping some of that Snoop Dogg
Murder was the Case, my uncle caught a case
My grandmother stressing out, I could feel her pain
Acting older than I was, I should have been acting my age
I had to walk to school, I got recruited to the gang
My mother tried to do her best, on minimum wage
But it was hard when I seen the drugdealers in the range
Such a bad example, she didn’t even know it
I truly needed my father with me, you need to know it
You need to know it, cause I need someone to be heroic
Someone to motivate me when I wanna be a poet
I truly think that I can be the dopest, maybe noticed
Never losing my focus, but you ruined the moments
Shit was hard in my apartment, roaches and old, carpets
I'mma enemy target, matresses by the garbage

I know it’s hard to grow up (grow up)
I know it’s hard to grow up (oh)
But it’s time to grow up (grow up)
I know it’s hard to grow up (oh)
But it’s time to grow up (grow up)

What you wanna be when you grow up?
I wanna be a motherfucking hustler, you better act somebody

[Verse 2 - King Lil G:]
Yo, I wish my father never met that woman
Broke my family up, you should have fucking left that woman
I was eating cereal, my mama cried to sleep
Remember the kisses I gave you on the side of your cheek?
I made some promises, that I will make accomplishments
And I became a criminal, please accept my apologies
I'mma get you out this, show these rappers what time it is
Buy you the car you needed, and have somebody to drive you in it
My mama held my hand, standing at the bus stop
Gave me the love I needed, the streets, covered in gun shots
Stop making excuses, and stop going to prison
Cause people forget about you when people don’t even visit
This is for my young homies, thinking there’s no way out
Throwing your life away, living broke, that shit is played out
OG’s tell me stories 'bout life in the pen
A dark cell, homies lost, doing heroin

I know it’s hard to grow up (grow up)
I know it’s hard to grow up (oh)
But it’s time to grow up (grow up)
I know it’s hard to grow up (oh)
But it’s time to grow up (grow up)

[Woman singing:]
And if you fall, get back up
And just remember, everybody gotta grow up
And if you fall, get back up
And just remember, everybody gotta grow up
Grow up, Grow, everybody gotta grow up
Everybody, everybody gotta grow up

[King Lil G:]
Believe me homie, you can make it

Author — Jr Jimenez


2019 and will keep bumping king lil G🔥💯

Author — Matthew Ugarte


“Cuz people forget about you and people don’t even visit “ straight up .

Author — Iris


Right now I'm a tuff situation pulled a knife on a kid because I've let my emotions control the best of me . Regret doing that. My mom was already disappointed with me because I smoke, I kick it with gang members in the 408. I see the disappointment in her eyes but I know one thing. She is always gonna be there for me . She supported me when I was locked up and still supporting me while I'm on EMP . All I'm trying to do is go back to school to make mom proud .

Author — Jorge Hernandez


People who disliked this video doesn’t have experiences of life

Author — nxghtlxvell


Im the only one that hates growing up cuz like you remember when you were a kid all you had to do was have fun and when u get older things get harder more responsibilites come in and its just overall this if life huh

Author — mr.ripthroat 27


I dont have a mom or dad, I can truly relate to you king lil g

Author — Love Offial extremo


This was my life for two years except I didn’t sell drugs my uncle did

Author — God gave me a chance to live


This is real knowledge, coming from a real place. We need more hip-hop like this.

Author — PS


° Damn It's been 4 Years already °

Author — *Lorena Hermosa*


I’ll never say I’m not from the hood but I will say I had to grow up

Author — Jr Aguirre