The Brothers Grimm (6/11) Movie CLIP - Mud Monster (2005) HD

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A mud monster attacks Sasha (Laura Greenwood) and carries her away.

Two men who have made a career out of spinning remarkable stories find themselves bringing them to life in this inventive fantasy inspired by the creators of some of the world's best-loved fairy tales. Will Grimm (Matt Damon) and his brother Jake Grimm (Heath Ledger) earn their living by traveling from village to village and vanquishing strange supernatural beasts that have been menacing the populace. Or at least that's what their clients think has been happening; as it happens, Will and Jake are confidence men who cleverly stage the ghostly attacks and then take payment for making the creatures they fabricated go away. One day, the brothers arrive in a town and offer to help its people drive away evil spirits, unaware that the community is bordered by a genuine enchanted forest, and that young girls in the village have been disappearing at a frightful rate. The Grimm Brothers must now learn how to deal with real magic, with the help of the lovely but fearless Angelika (Lena Headey). Directed by Terry Gilliam, The Brothers Grimm also stars Monica Bellucci, Peter Stormare, and Jonathan Pryce.

TM & © Miramax Films (2005)
Cast: Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, Peter Stormare, Laura Greenwood, Lena Headey
Director: Terry Gilliam
Producers: Daniel Bobker, Michel Cheyko, Jonathan Gordon, Chris McGurk, Jake Myers, Andrew Rona, Charles Roven, John D. Schofield, Michael Solinger, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein
Screenwriter: Ehren Kruger

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💬 Comments

I love horror movies, and they don’t ever get to me anymore, but this... this is something else

Author — What aGuy


It’s not the faceless kid that makes me scared

It’s the smile the mud monster has

Author — Lystrosaurus


I think one of the most frightening things about the scene is that it breaks some elements of safety. Daytime, being in a town with people, having weapons, these are all generally traits not present in horror, and are generally considered to be safe havens. But despite that things still go wrong. The gun doesn't kill it, the kid isn't safe despite being surrounded by people, and all of it happens when the sun is bright and shining. Also of course the fact that the kid loses their face and not even a minute later their entire body.

Author — Andrew Exists


The thing that always got me wasn't him wiping off his face, or the mud monster thing, it was that, at the end, after being absorbed, he just happily ran away and disappeared down the well, everything he was just gone so quickly. The fact that whatever he became thought it was a game in the end terrified me too.

Author — Ghosts Of Futures Past


I remembered being disturbed by this when I was little, but coming back and realizing how awful the cgi is really dampers the creepiness 😂

Author — Trusty Rusty


Kudos to the movie makers for managing to make a gingerbread man of all things more disturbing than most horror movies.

Author — Justice for Yellow Van!


I remember getting scared of this scene, quite strange scene

Author — SavageKingTexas _


Now THAT is some nostalgia right there.
Looking back on this, they really didn't do much to try and save that poor child.

Author — Arphila


1:11 I just like the way the monster splatters everywhere

Author — K Washington


My parents watched this when I was maybe 7 or 8. I saw this scene on the TV as I was passing by in the living room. THIS GAVE ME NIGHTMARES FOR MONTHS. Even as an adult, the thought of my facial features being stolen scares me to death.

Author — That Guy Named Rai


This scene gave me horrible nightmares as a kid (and I was SO afraid of anything gingerbread related for YEARS). Now at 26, this is the first time I'm watching this since I first saw it at 11 years old. I'm STILL absolutely completely horrified.

Author — M.Esco


If the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man played in the mud for an hour

Author — Snowtrooper


This was the best and scariest horror film I ever watched as a kid And as an adult and I love it in a traumatizing way.

What? It's not classified as horror? Then you labelled it wrong.

Author — Marcus Carana


This movie legit traumatized me FOR YEARS, especially this scene! Even tho I was 11, I still couldn’t get over it, and honestly this still terrifies me to this day, and now I’m 24 😫 My mom never thought it was that scary either like wtf 😂

Author — T NS


I have seen MANY horror films in my life with no problem but the kid wiping her own face away is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen.

Author — Let It Be Known


The idea of being torn away from my loved ones by an unstoppable force terrified me as a child this was scary af

Author — Cooper Gasway


I’m just now noticing how funny each of Gavaldi’s reactions here are. Especially how he brings out his small knives and then just has nothing to do with them.

Author — Cal Owenby


This is absolutely, without a doubt, the scene of all time.

Author — Desolate


I will never understand why everyone just watched the mud monster run after the kid

Author — PracticallyBlind


I remember watching this when I was a kid, my dad show me this scene and everytime I went to the bathroom when I wash my face I always take a long look on the mirror saying "Thank gawd! My face still there" 💀💀 That's the most unsettling scene in my entire life, worst than Jigsaw!

Author — Cotton Hungary Shark