Aprilia RSV4 RF Ltd. Edition | Best. Noise. Ever.

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

Little show 'n tell of my RSV4 RF plus a ride along and good ol chin wag.

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Finally something interesting and entertaining to watch! Social media is churning out so much mind numbing shit recently. I’m so pleased you’ve revisited your channel.

Author — James


This episode harkens back to the golden era from 6 years ago. Your tone, emotion, discussion - it all feels like *you*.

I'm just so glad to hear from you again. I want you to express yourself in the fullest way while knowing that we're just here because you're a hell of a person to hang out with.

I haven't touched my bikes in years. Today after catching up, I've found myself looking at AGV Pista's again! HAH

Author — Peter Smith


I LOVE the RSV4’s, nothing makes me feel more talented than I actually am, and nothing stirs the bell end like the sound they produce. Love the vids on ALL your channels, keep up the good work sir.

Author — superbike_steve


I don't understand why people are upset at adding mileage to their bikes? Did you buy it to ride or look at?
I have 73000km on my Ninja and I love putting miles on it every day.

Author — Kiwi Firey


I wish I wasn’t such a bell and could trust myself being so committed on track.

Author — tokyosmash


So glad you’re back… I’ve been struggling for a while and the only only time I can get out of my head is when I’m out riding.

Your last video really helped me. It’s hard to imagine you’re not alone when you’re in a dark place, but seeing someone like you, with a common interest and having the exact same issues as me, really gave me some hope. Cheers 🍻

Author — MrOggy96


Glad you’re feeling the love for the RSV4- I was out on mine this morning and feel the same way- its lovely look at, stupidly fast and quirkily Italian. Got the Arrow end can too. Great to see your normal vlogs again, keep it up Baron.

Author — tony oconnell


You're so right about sound being integral to the enjoyment of your bike. I bought a ninja 400 back in 2018 and whilst the ride was great the sound just never made me feel alive even with an akra can. Last year 2021 I bought an Aprilia RS660 and despite both bikes being parallel twins the fact the RS660 is a bigger engine and 270 crank it just sounds incredible. Even the stock exhaust blows the ninja out of the park. I now have a full system underslung Mivv for it and it sounds unbelievable for a twin. The induction sound is fantastic as well. I still have the 400 for commuting as I am all bike but on the weekend the Aprilia always gets chosen now. I have owned an electric push bike since 2016 but couldn't see myself on a bigger electric bike unless I had to be. Sound really is king for me.

Author — alexojm


Glad you're starting to do videos again, and glad you're also doing well also buddy

Author — Pixelated


That is an absolutely stunning looking & sounding bike. Massively prefer it over the current RSV4 (I hate wings on road bikes).

Author — Deaks


Love the RSV4 ! I’m on my 4th one - sound amazing and they really do ride better at speed, easier to ride fast than most other sports bikes, smooth, makes you feel like you are on rails ! Awesome 😎

Author — S K


By far one of the best sound bikes ever made!!

Author — gbits bitsg


Good to see you back on this channel Chris, the new videos are quality as well.

It’ll be good to see you do some more mechanical/installation based videos on your channel as well, just some casual ones when you’re modding your bikes.

Author — Racer_x


Love this series Chris. Both my bikes died when my shed burned to a cinder so riding vicariously through YT atm lol
All the best in the MH battle too. It's so good that it's become easier to talk about in recent years (thanks to the likes of yourself for talking so freely about it). The stigma just made things worse for folks as venting wasn't possible back in the day.

Author — nom de ploom


Love my 2018 Tuono with the 1100 v4, Akra can & blipper - do miss being “over the front” compared to my old 2011 675r, but the extra “thrust” on track and road helps compensate👍🏻

Author — D675ose


I think this maybe my next bike. So nice to see someone let the bike warm up aswell I always thought I was daft but I let mine run for about 5-10 minutes. Good review 👍🏼

Author — Jamie Littlefair


I absolutely love the RSV4. Sound, performance and looks are the best! Wasted on the King's highways, but take it to a track where it belongs and you will have a permanent smile for days after, you know, that 'scared as fook' happy face you have after gettin' off the scariest ride at Alton Towers, but can't wait to get out for another go!

Author — Gio Verde


Nice to see this bike again. It's been a while since you first introduced us and at the time I'd also just bought an identical looking 2016, so was hoping to see more updates, but life happens. I had an unnecessary off, then a little one arrived and so did lockdowns. I've owned and ridden plenty of bikes, but none gave me a sense of occasion like this one. Which is why even though I only had the bike 4 months, I spent the next 2 years scrolling through classifieds looking for a replacement. As it worked out, I found a bloody unicorn; 600mi, '16 Superpole and the VIN was the next one off production line after the old bike. Thanks for taking time to make your vids; I've been watching long before it was called 'vlogging'.

Author — Scott Hayes


I honestly watched the video where you put the arrow exhaust on, and tested it on the dyno like 17 times, sounds to good! And im glad ur back making videos on this channel!

Author — Lewis Smith


You should run anti-freeze in your coolant even in summer as it also helps prevent corrosion to the engine/coolant system. Don't just run water.

Author — Bike Guy