Old MTB to road bike conversion

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Old MTB to road bike conversion 4.5
⚠️Warning - I'm not always safe - hack your bike at your own risk⚠️
In this video I decided to dust off my old mountain bike and convert it to a road bike. The MTB is a from about 1997 and the parts road bike from the early 2000s, so there were some differences to overcome.
@00:37 bike building starts
@4:18 making drop bolt
@11:43 final results

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Bike stand costs more than everything in that room put together!

Author — levta


Submit this to GCN! You have a winner!!!

Author — Michael Mirigian


You could have avoid some work and destroing that seatpost with some long range calipper allthough its an impresively cheap and functional solution
The headset work is cool but hammering the cups in
is bad idea. You can easely make yourself a press with a threatered rod some whasers and nuts and a piece of wood or nylon. All in all, well done.

Author — jl magan del cerro


as a fabricator I applaud your use of resources and creativity in solving problems. As a bike builder this made me cringe. Final product is pretty cool. Well done.

Author — Mortillaro Custom Shop


que in genio hermano quedo muy nais muy padre la conbertis te en una gian de ruta saludos

Author — luis miguel martinez cantu


Brilliant stuff! Basically it's a Frankenstein bike!

Author — Dave Powell


I like modification just like this one. I have tride converting a standard road fork a threaded to threadless by using a set post from a child's bike which is exactly the same diameter 25.4 mm. I also change the headset to threadless type. Now it's super duper 👌 😍 nice like a natural one.



Friend, this build is inspired - I love that you re-purposed a frame that you love.
And that hack for lowering the rear caliper was genius - you get maximum kudos from me!

Author — Ed Rush


Did something similar with a steel frame mtb I had, long drop calipers solved the brake reach issue. It was great until I crashed and broke the frame

Author — Ob1sdarkside


Nice work, I'm glad you got rid of that angled stem, that hurt my eyes!. I did a similar thing to my mountain bike, only i turned mine into a TT bike. ;-)

Author — S S


How well respected is that style of brake, I've always had trouble with it.

Author — TheJooomes


One of the videos i enjoyed the most on Youtube, great project! Congrats!

Author — Tiago Goncalves


I loved your job man, congratulations!

Author — Nacho Navarrete


you"re doing what i been wanting to do with my 2005 specialized hard rock mountain bike so far i completed installing modern road bike handle bars break handles and breaks new rear derailleur my bike shop said the couldn't put those type of forks on my bike so im stuck and frustrated with having shocks that's all i have to do now is put rigid forks on it i'm hoping i don't have to do what you did in this video just find some forks that fit the riser and down tube that's it

Author — Mike


Dude. I love this stuff. Do-it-yourself home engineering. Awesome .

Author — Shane Tankey


Primero un cuadro de mtb no ofrece la misma geometría que uno de ruta por ahí ya comenzaste mal..

Author — Iván Vinces


That is soooo cool! Makes me want to convert my old Specialized Rockhopper... Nice job.



Cool. The only thing spoiling it is the crazy bar angle which seems to be necessitated by the old style bars which have too much reach. I was always taught working in bike shops that the top of the bar should run parallel to the ground, or as close as possible and the lever hoods in line with that.

Author — Chris Burn


Fair play mate, I normally pass on these conversions cause there bodge .. this however was very well done. Should be proud of that effort .. cheers

Author — BK - 6833


That rear brake caliper mount solution was brilliant. Get it done with what you got engineering. You got a new Subcriber.👍🏽

Author — hammeredscout