Postdoc's dorm room at POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology)

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  • ℹ️ Published 10 years ago

I made this video to show what it looks like because I was never told anything about the accommodation, other than that the university had signed me up for it without my explicit permission. I had no idea about its location, or what it looked like, or anything. This video attempts to give you an idea of what the provided accommodation looks like, including amenities and room furnishing. It should help you in your packing. Since I was told nothing, I did not know what to bring. I will explain the pro's and con's. (In fact, other than being told that the university had automatically signed up for housing, I was not given ANY detail about the accommodation until 2 days before my postdoc contract started. In fact, three days before my contract started, I had received an e-mail stating "your accommodation hasn't been decided yet. Tomorrow, the housing office wil let me know. So then i will give you the address.")

There was a deposit amount of KRW 300,000.

The video shows the content of the room. On the door is an electronic lock system. You can set a personal code to use to unlock the door. It is convenient because you never have to carry a key (other than the key card to get in and out of the building's main entrance). It is big enough to fit the provided furniture (bed, desk, orange chair, refrigerator, wash basin, large closet, small closet). It is not big enough to fit in anything else.

At least the room is furnished, but you will have to provide your own bed sheets and pillow.

There is not even enough room on the ground to fit in a spare mattress for an overnight visitor (and I suppose this partially explains why the building's policy is to have no overnight guests).

What is not clear from this video is that this building (Male dormitory building 19) is in close proximity to other dorm buildings, including freshmen dorms. On any night of the week, at ANY hour, it is likely that very loud, rude, and drunk college students will walk between the buildings and wake you up.

Overall, the provided accommodation is extremely bad and shameful for a first-rate university to provide as housing for its postdocs. Should you come here, at least you can use these videos to see what you will get. (The contract which you must sign, which you don't get to see before coming, stipulates that you'll live in the provided accommodation for at least 6 months.)

What's also very interesting is that the four nearby high-rise GRADUATE STUDENT APARTMENTS are much nicer than these, with private kitchens, bathrooms, and several bedrooms. I hope the university wisens up and treats us postdocs the way we deserve to be treated.