Panic buying as Indians told to go into 21-day lockdown or risk setting the country back 21 years

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Panic buying as Indians told to go into 21-day lockdown or risk setting the country back 21 years 4.5
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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on March 24, 2020, the world's largest lockdown of 1.3 billion people would begin at midnight on the same day in an attempt to fight Covid-19. Panic buying erupted in the capital New Delhi almost immediately after the three-week nationwide curfew was announced to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus that causes the disease. Modi warned that failure to carry out the lockdown could set the nation back 21 years.

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Stay safe Indian brothers! From Philippines 🇵🇭🇮🇳

Author — Kyle Panuncillon


This lockdown will definitely solve another significant problem. The pollution in New Delhi.

Take care my brothers and sisters. 🇵🇭

Author — KarMa CañQuints


Economic loss is much much better than human loss.. #staysafe #stayhome

Author — pankaj rawat


Wow...Modi just stepped up and bang! 1.3 billion in lockdown... now picture Trump...I think Modi is more powerful than Trump...on this planet...

Author — Ric Bakar


Wow India is the second largest populated country after china
They are taking a right decision.

I just hope everyone stays safe in very part of the world

Author — Lyrics Of Songs [LOS]


America has a total of 54941 cases and they are not even lockdown yet.. but India with 562 total.. you LOCKDOWN the whole nation..
MODI.. Go to America and show that round 🍊 how to do his job.

Author — WaterIce Cream


India looks more organised and modern without all those rickshaws and people all over the streets, its like a new India

Author — En Ei Zee


no matter what you think of India as a whole or even Modi, this kind of voluntary! lockdown is very impressive in combating the coronavirus

Author — Michelle D'Silva


The 1.3 billion people in India need to act together now. This illness has a high r naught and spreads like the wind in a crowd. A crowd in India. I pray for you all now. A mild course for 4 in 5 they think.

Author — Stewart Professional Services


Think about the positive change to the air pollution situation through these 21 days

Author — RS K


hindu- namaste!
They- laugh.

Hindu- eat vegan!
They- laugh.

Hindu- shower after attending any funeral!
They- laugh.

Hindu- fasting on a paticular day.
They- laugh.

Hindu is not a religion, it's a way of living!

Author — iamPicassO


I'm not going to lie. I was distracted by PM Modi's hand gesture when he was giving speech. Very indian 😁

Author — chiisana0sekai


Spanish flu 1918 - 1920 time
US govt asked people to stay indoors but Philadelphia state people decided to bring slogan protests. people participated and in 1 week more than 4000 people died, in six months more than 16000 people died because of not social distancing. This is the truth and fact. Search it up.

Author — Yo Mama


Yes India! act together before it's too late!

Author — InaRva Windwhisper


India is making a best decision to protect its people.. india be strong.. World need to pause for a moment to save the world

Author — Calvin Kong


In many ways this is a far more neutral channel unlike the rest of the international medias.

Author — Arun Vignesh


lockdown is immediate no like the UK. our infection rate is triple and death

Author — Gwen Dee


Come on people of the world we can beat COVID-19.

Author — Din Mohammad Yosufi


CCP is 100% responsible for this virus. Wet markets must be stopped.

Author — lilsuppa z


Since India has over a billion people, I will be very impressed if they can contain the spread. Judging from the empty streets, I feel like they just might.

Author — IglooDweller