Code Review - Essentia Refill System

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A review and explanation of the computercraft-thaumcraft essentia refill system. Enjoy!
WARNING: Programming Content Ahead.

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Quick suggestion that I think would be awesome to implement. A button that just fills every jar to the brim.

Author — @Arty-Maus


The program could refresh the screen automatically until the jar was filled with the desired amount (or just wait until the jar is filled with the desired amount)... That way it doesn't constantly refresh the screen and provides a bit more reliable information.

Author — @addobandre99


Beautifully done. Please continue doing these, I know you are at the very least pushing some folks beyond their own abilities by just seeing the magic behind the machine, if you will. I know I am.

Keep 'em coming and happy gaming

Author — @n00bIEwaN


I don't even have any intention of building such a system for myself, and nor do I need to, but I still love to watch videos like this. :)

Author — @ShawFujikawa


With the new Golem Connector you would be able to check if the golem has anything to do, and if it doesn't, then you could refresh the screen.

Author — @Croxmata


I hope you wont stop these behind the code videos dire it realy helps to understand the mechanick for viewers Computer Craft newbies like me.You are like CCraft for dummies :D thank you for taking the time to explain and demonstrait how the code works :)

Author — @ash212askn


Hey dire, when you refresh, you still know what essentia used to be there, so you can hit it up 1 mana bean when you find out there is an essentia with 0 amount during the refresh. I guess it could clog the system if there is more essentias on 0 than space on the hopper though. But that should be rare too, I guess.

Author — @Sataaa


You know I love this series for the technical end of things in FTB. But, there is a time and place where I throw my hands in the air and say, "WAY BEYOND ME!" I can see I have WAY too much to learn in this mod. 

Author — @magicmurlo


Awesome vid. Love the code. Only thing I did different was I used logistics pipes to keep 64 of each in the chest.

Author — @TjBishopwasHere


While I probably won't use the auto turtle refill station, I do love the monitor that makes it easy to tell how many of the aspects you have. I've build a somewhat similar station, but I have 2 jars for each type of essentia. One normal jar, and one void jar. I needed the 2nd jar for the TTKami infusion stuff, and this was before I had a mana bean farm setup. 

Anyway, Right now, the program seems to only display the count for the first jar that I connect. The 2nd jar doesn't register. Does anyone know how I could modify the code total the essentia from both jars?

Author — @UgraShrath


For all those offering solutions to the empty-jar problem, the idea of listing the beans on the chest below the turtle is quite nice so I hope Direwolf20 reads some of them.

About the ways to avoid having to hit the refresh button, the one suggesting waiting until the aspects get to the jar is not a good solution, as if you try to infuse something with that aspect while the computer is waiting for it to get to certain amount, it will get stuck there until someone refills the jar or reboots the computer.

The most logic way of doing this is having a event-based detection, but I don't use computercraft so i don't know if the proxys are able to detect changes on the jar they are next to and send an event to the computer to refresh that amount.

Author — @adrianoriveoneca8276


I have to say, this is a great way to do it Dire. I hope that you'll do this in the future.

Author — @mikesully52


Amazing. Great program!
My only question is: if the program stores the essentia name and links it to an amount or inventory slot (in each of the programs), and it searches through it by name of essentia, wouldn't it be a dictionary and not an array?

Author — @NthPortal


First this video is awesome and really helpful. I might make a setup like this in my game. Second Dire for someone who is not very good at programing and any language could you do a "How to Learn Lua" videos. Last would it be possible to have a "Refill All" button to refill all the jars with a yes and no option after you click it?

Author — @Thedud30


This is great Dire!!! Thanks! I'm going to attempt to add this into my build that I'm doing. When you add the updated code, can you also add an update to one of your videos as well? I was thinking on the problem of people walking away from the monitor after they infused something without refreshing the screen. You could have a "Home Screen" if you will, and have it go to that "home screen" 3-5 minutes after they use the computer and scan the essentia at that time. When someone comes up  after that, they just hit the button on the screen and it'll pull up the refreshed list of essentia. Just a thought. Once again, great job Dire and thank you!!! Qapla' jupwI' (Klingon: Success, my friend!)

Author — @jrel1kor


To check that the golem us done miving you could check to see if it has been standing on the pressure plate for a specific time then refresh

Author — @mogmogcollins


This is so cool!! :D I have so much fun building stuff with Your videos! Waiting for more! cya :)

Author — @dianakopeczek6085


I have a few ideas, one make itmcheck once every cople tenths of a second if the vis has filled, since you know the jar, nand put a refill all button, this should make it much better in my opinion.

Author — @gudenau


First time I've watched one of these code reviews, because now I know Lua! I love programming, that's all I have to say.

Author — @whupdup


Thanks dire helped me a lot to understand the code

Author — @iwanmills7638