Venezuela Braces For War, Microsoft Creating Army Tech, Floods and Evacuations In The USA

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Venezuela Braces For War, Microsoft Creating Army Tech, Floods and Evacuations In The USA 5

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Following up to this afternoons report on Venezuela and how the military there is reported to have clashed with revolution supporters ahead of a massive campaign of anti government protest, propaganda campaigns are Venezuelans to gather at the Columbian border, likely because military forces or international military forces will be available nearby at the border to intervene if a breakout of civil disobedience combines with a violent crackdown from the Venezuelan military in view of international monitoring or military forces.

Evacuations are being reported across key states in The United States of America after torrential and nearly constant rainfall has led to dangerous conditions and swollen waterways that officials say are creating a danger to all who live near these essential water sources.

Microsoft workers are calling on the so called private tech company to cancel its nearly $480 million U.S. Army contract with the us government where the workers warn that the deal "crosses the line" into weapons development by Microsoft and that use of the company's HoloLens augmented-reality technology under the contract

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Could anybody that is receiving the weather proof cards offer a short review and rating from 1 to 5 stars?

Автор — Chuck U Farlie


Remember not long ago Venezuela through it's oil company Citgo gave poor Americans discount fuel oil to help heat their houses, & many states denied the discount oil? I remember this fact, but what happened?

Автор — Steve Linbergbaby


Sorry cant afford to support- home first. Appreciate all tho.

Автор — shilodawn60


America will have war and civil unrest or civil unrest then war both are coming and are rapidly approaching be prepared

Автор — Chris Watter


Respect from Boston. You do an excellent job bringing us the important events of the day

Автор — Matthew Mixon


I have receive 2 sets. The survival cards are not eloquent like a multi-million dollar company may offer, but do have good information. I have no complaints, and thank you for sending them out. I live in the pacific northwest

Автор — Old Radman


Hey man, thanks a lot for broadcasting. I enjoy watching and being informed by your channel! Keep up the good work sir. I wish I was in a better financial situation to sponsor you.

Автор — AnOrdinaryGunGuy


God bless you Venezuela -, most of us here in the states do not support the MIC invasion of your country...our military has been bought and sold and is out of control.

Автор — Iyam Nobaudi


All the tech comes from Israel. They can turn it all off with a switch.
Please expose them. Revolution supporters insists of 300 Mossad agents, 400 Spetznaz and 5k American troops in Venezuela. Theyre creating a coup. Russia 757 a few weeks ago left with 40k lbs of gold from Venezuela. So theres that

Автор — Zach Vermillion


I cured my sciatic nerve inflammation and crazy pain with tumeric tea within 3 weeks

Автор — John Q


Thumbs up!
For what it's worth..

Автор — Romin van der Meiden


I have to join patreon .... will do this week. Ty i love your broadcast
And 2nd

Автор — Light Post


Hello night shift! God Bless you Kelly & Brad ! Trying times we are living in. Praying for our Military and Venezuela. 💒💗

Автор — Marie John 3:16


Giving you a shout-out from Arizona brother I'm right here godspeed and God bless

Автор — Robert Melendez


Night shift. Wonderful. Rise to the need people. This is the best of communities. The laminated info cards are very nice. They are always on time. I now have a solid collection. Thanks brad and kelly.♡

Автор — Christy H


Yellow Vest Worldwide... European Spring 2019

Автор — chris magnoson


Loving the night shift. Thanks Brad and Kelly

Автор — David Morriston


As for the value of the cards: the pictures of plants, etc are clear enough that I think I could use them for identification. The comments on the back of the cards are clear and helpful. I feel like I know as much if not more than the average 'prepper', but expect to use them as study topics for future info and expect them to be very helpful in SHTF. I'm glad I enrolled at this level and the cards are one reason.

Автор — Sheryl Franklin


I decided long ago I didn't like the idea of Aspirin and Ibuprofen. I try to usually just sit it through or use ice/heat.

Автор — Based Otter


I admire the enployees that protest and maintain their ethics, and also the company that works to sustain their employees mores and standards.