Hot Water Rocket Stove II - BUILD-

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Hot Water Rocket Stove II - BUILD- 4.5

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if you have the storage tank say 2 meters above ground level, will work better. like your tig welding

Author — Issa Kelaita


A swage tool would take care of that "egg shape" in a minute.

Author — Riley Evan


I would suspect that, with your outlet still at the top, a 90 degree elbow and tubing straight down and, near the bottom of the tank, either a bend in the tube that matches the circumference of the tank or a couple of 45 degree elbows either-of-which hug the inside of the tank for a few inches, will get the heated water circulating and the temperature uniform (or nearly so) throughout the contents of the tank. Great concept and certainly a lot of admirable craftsmanship there.

Author — Larry from Lincoln County, WA


Good old direct boiler tank. A normal tank is indirect type.
And yes it did rubble from time to time when the back boiler behind my old fire place ran really hot.
That why you had a top mounted overflow pipe for the bubbled up to and over in strong cases back to the cold water feeder tank

Author — Stephen Little


With having to cut the copper pipe.. leave the leg being passed through straight up and then cut the pipe when pipe has been fitted and finish off the bend so it coils just as you want it..

Author — Gary Stinten


great job and welding OH i wish i could weld like you,
had a Carmichael stove for years on the farm with a wet back, the header tank was on the roof same sysytem, no pumps for those that reccomned a pump, the tank had a sherpards crook as a saftey should the water get to hot, and would return excess water back to the tanks, NOTE no pumps for those again who claim needed, this stove and many like them were in their 1000s in Australia, just a matter of keeping the header tank full where there was no power was done with a semi rotary pump, if power then the water pressure pump took care of that
ols aussie saying you done well son

Author — talleyrand


You can take a old copper car radiator and put it on an old window unit air conditioner case.
Attach water hose connectors and build a fire under it.
Quick cheap easy hot water heater that will boil out all the hot water you need fast!

Author — william noel


hahaha she is just adorable ok im sold lets see the build bro haha merry xmass to you all !

Author — Raymond J


Your outlet is reversing flow after the gout of steam. A clear section of pipe would show flow direction. If the outlet came right off the top you might not get a build upon steam on top of the coil.

Author — Ken Knutson


Really liked this experiment.

Next trick is add auto feed of fuel.

One of your other videos had a sloped inlet for the fuel and a longer hot air run to pull incoming air.

The fuel feed would need to be either wood chips or something consistent enough to slide/fall without constant manual feeding.

Once feed is worked out it should be possible to setup for long unsupervised burns.

Author — Latin Dance Videos


No part of the OUTLET pipe should dip dow, n if they do, airlocks from. You should take the outlet pipe off, and bend it up and always be rising towards the top of the storage tank, pool whatever.

Author — Bob Packard


i hope the little girl gets a plasma cutter from santa so she can help her dad

Author — nearly captured


Put the out let from stove to th bottom of the tank see the difference.

Author — Mike Phillips


'I want to start welding just so I can make a little pokey weight bird to play with, and help me build things.'

Author — Faithful Tribe


After you bend the copper pipe, use an adjustable wrench to true it back to a circle. Set it to the right diameter and run it around a few times.

Author — Chris Meadows


some one tips:
if you want hot water with less time, instal a pipe in the outlet of water inside teh tank, causing the water to be heated to enter a higher temperature. (suction pipe at the middle the tank). Less water for heating, less time to do.
If you need more hot water but do not be in such a hurry, you can put the inlet and outlet the water of the tank about 10 cm from each other on the bottom of the tank.
In this case, basically, what changes is just the hot water intake going down. So, the water that is already warm will rise and on the way, tranfer the heat to the water of the tank.

I like your videos..
from Brazil...

Author — Alexandre aparecido munhoz


or extend the outlet 3" past the top of the top you can weld, go buy some silver solder lol

Author — Robert N


You do spend some time being hard on yourself on what people think. I believe you did an outstanding job and you had fun doing it. You have some sweet skills and the end result was very impressive!

Author — Saint Kenny


Nice welding footwear bra....
I'm scribed...

Author — Warren Williamson


If trying to bend any copper pipe I would suggest annealing it first as to soften, then fill with sand, but brake fluid would be better.
And you'll find the process of remit oil a lot easier than sand.

Author — Andy T