Trump Delivers On Promise To Disrupt And Discard Alliances | Meet The Press | NBC News

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Trump Delivers On Promise To Disrupt And Discard Alliances | Meet The Press | NBC News 3

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Trump Delivers On Promise To Disrupt And Discard Alliances | Meet The Press | NBC News

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Turn the volume down now because when the outro comes at the end it will be TOO LOUD as usual for Chuck's clips.

Author — TinselKoala


I guess that’s what happens when you put America first🤷‍♂️

Author — bob jenkins


"Whatever, No Comment, What's Up"? Has he "tweeted" up?(aka dried up)

Author — Hank Terreros


This is what happens when Creepy Crawlers crawl out from under their rocks and vote for a clueless - wannabe dictator

Author — Oved G.


The opening of this MTP edition is paradoxically hilarious. The question Chuck, "is whether most Americans take you and the national media seriously anymore?" I believe the audience numbers, and share, for the formerly 'Big 3' over the past ten years tell that story quite effectively. No doubt the suits, and perhaps the 'talking heads' too, will chalk that up to fragmentation and the onslaught of digital. And while there is some nugget of truth to that, the polls tell the real story. A story you folks are already aware of. Upwards of 60% of Americans have lost faith and trust in the national media. You're entire industry was built on 'faith and trust.' Now, just a bunch of Ambulance chasers trying to be first in gossip and opinion. Keep in mind, MTP is not an opinion show. It has folks who have opinions share them. But the show itself is supposed to be a news show. What was newsy about you characterizing President Trump as a liar even while others, who have lied, simply 'misspoke.' There's a reason you used the word 'Liar.' You wanted to impart a feeling to your audience. Your feeling. Nothing wrong with that, but don't you think you ought to let folks know that, instead of trotting the misinformation out as fact. You said nothing about how Trump uses what appears to be indecision as a negotiating tool. You call him an authoritarian ideologue and while he demonstrates his openness to all facets of an issue. Oh, and while all this 'over-the-top' coverage of President Trump since he took office and before has chased away many of your 'once-faithful' audience members, the REAL 'World' news is left on the cutting room floor along with the hard news coverage of the daily gun-violence in our inner cities. As a final note, I find it incredible that all of the once 'Big 3' haven't seen the opportunity that exists, in a world full of disinformation and misinformation, to get back to sharing accurate information? A real head-scratcher, and perhaps, an opportunity for others to fill that void.

Author — Dan Klein


OK people.... You can't complain about the problems we have
with political figures if you don't go out there and vote. If you
voted, then you have a right to be disgruntled because the
democrats didn't win. But we didn't get much of a choice either.

Author — Cymbolic Human


Trump went after 🇫🇷 & 🇨🇳 in the same tweet causing turmoil worldwide. # 25 should be applied to # 45.

Author — David Ellis


Trump delivers on disruption and discord, but completely falls short on the art of any deal.

Oops, I forget Trump just got Japan (1/11 the population of China) to (maybe) buy American corn, which i know they really like as a pizza topping.

Author — ruth depew


You can't count on Trump for anything. When could you ever count on a liar????

Author — Larry Suhre


Macron is the leader of the free world, not Dumb Donnie!

Author — RJM


If the U.S want's a trade deal with China they need to identify some logical steps to enable meaningful negotiations to take place!

1: Send the self appointed kingDon of Israel, over to Israel where he belongs!

2: Send all of KingDon's GOP enablers to Israel with him, so that they can continue their employment as kingDon's Court Jesters

3: Grant kingDon's Hair Piece the freedom to continue with it's roll as covering up all of tRumps failings!

4: Put kingDon's Hair Piece in charge of all tRumps rolls in the US Including his roll as President of the U.S

After all kingDon's Hair Piece has more active brain cells than KingDon himself and all of his party of Corrupt psychopaths that call themselves Republicans COMBINED!

Author — Colin Mahoney


Only Congress can declare war. I wonder if this trade war should be included. I think it should be. There are bloodless casualties among soybean farmers and manufacturers.

Author — Manuel Moraleda


US is on auto-destruction mode. Being a world leader stopped when Obama left.

Author — Michel Willems


Listen to this clown what we expect is truthful media and chuck Todd has spent 2 years lieing

Author — Smith Ed


Have any noticed the complete detachment from actual reality on the Left? Is like the Twilight Zone, the more we win the more they get depressed. Evidently and only because 50 years of failed Democrat Globalist policies that have devastated the US is being turned upside down by Trump. Chuck Todd is a coninued embarrassment to the propaganda org at failing NBC

Author — jeffdahlgren


A proud look and a lying tongue. Donald J. Trump, individual 1, Spanky Bonespures the Chosen One...all Hail.

Author — Perry Walton


In the air tonight by Phil Collins is traitor trump theme song

Author — jeannine grant


Wow! Funny how the rest of the world leaders like him. *The President knows how to deal with these aggressive anti-American countries!*

Author — Doran Vee


NBC sux... Trump never promised to discard and disrupt anyone.. If NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN would quit whining about Trump, they might get some ratings back... which they would waste on more stories about murder mystery and racism.

Trump is driving this country STRAIGHT down the tubes JUST LIKE GOD SET HIM UP TO ACCOMPLISH.
This is *ALL* GOD's plan of judgment on the world... America will be destroyed for turning away from Him.

Very, very soon.... C U THERE (if you're not evil).

Author — Adam Craig