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Neil Diamond - America 5

I made this video of my all-time favorite singer, Neil Diamond. "America" is also one of my favorite Neil Diamond songs, although it's hard to pick a favorite.

This is a fan made video. I own nothing. Clips, song and pictures belong to their respective owners.

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America gave me a chance–my dad came here having nothing, he worked his ass off for me to have a better life, now I am a cardiologist.

Author — Baby Boy


I grieve for this country man, as we speak there are people actively destroying US history and toppling statues of the founding fathers and literally getting statues removed from the museums. These people are not Americans, they go against everything the US stands for, everything hundreds of thousands fought and died for and what do they use that freedom and privilege for? To destroy all of it.

Author — Cneq


Shout out to Amy and Howard who brings us Here 😍

Author — Hell yeah


This song is a National Treasure. Thank you Neil Diamond. 🇺🇸

Author — Retro MouseX


For those who have died for our country and currently serving, thank you.

Author — Chera Pardue


The big bang theory... Howard: I love new diamond. hahahahah

Author — Douglas Deivid


Who listens to this on 4th of July I do ! I love Neil Diamond

Author — Daniel Marcus


Brighter times will soon return America, stay strong, stay safe and God bless us all.

Author — bigtimegrumps


Bad ass song, they don't make em like this anymore....

Author — Tj lomin


Bless the Armed Forces and their families.

Author — RN Moore


I remember when this first came out, this and Love on the Rocks two of the main songs played at the roller rink bad ass songs, Roller Rinks shit I'm old LMFAO

Author — Knuckles Magoo


THIS should be our National Anthem! Beautiful, patriotic, and easier to sing.

Author — Arlene Roth


My grandfather served in the United States Air Force.
He turned 81, June 7. Happy birthday, Sir.

Author — John Wick


God bless America from the UK.. What an amazing nation

Author — Andrew Vest


This is my favorite American/patriotic song. It really captures the true spirit of America. People from all over the world can move to the United States and become Americans. You can’t move to Ireland and become Irish; nor can you move to China and become Chinese. Our country is, and always has been a place for people from all over the world to seek refuge when the countries of their birth oppress them. That is what is known as American exceptionalism. Our country is not perfect, but we have the freedom to vote, to protest, and to petition the government to make it better! The motto of the United States is E Pluribus Unim; which is Latin for “Out of many, we are one.” I pray that the United States will continue to be country that welcomes all, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or color.

Author — Rebecca



My grandparents, Santo and Victoria, arrived at Ellis Island in 1910 on a ship from Italy! Santo was a gardener for a big estate in Santa Barbara, Calif. He later owned a grocery store.

Julio, my father, graduated with a doctorate in Education from Harvard University in 1944. He became the president of four colleges, retiring in 1973.

Julio and Alyce had three sons. Richard a Lawyer, Jerry a Doctor, and Paul a Christian Minister/Author

Author — Paul Bortolazzo


Man I love this song as one of my favorite Neil diamond songs 💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Author — Kathleen Gooch


I hope America heals from this virus, and we can celebrate the Fourth of July

Author — Sandra Smith


The big bang theory s7 e3 sent me here

Author — Crofts


Me and my parents came here as immigrants from the Philippines and have lived as Americans to this day we are American citizens and I was able to serve this country in the United States Army this is an awesome country I love all things America such as NASCAR the NFL the NBA, MLB and everything else this country has to offer

Author — Jay Raquidan