Lifecasting Tutorial: Accucast 590 Face Cast

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

In this lifecasting tutorial we show a basic face cast using alginate. We already have a few casting videos dealing with face casts, but as any experienced lifecaster will tell you, there are way too many points to cover in a single video.

In addition to alginate tips we also cover the basic mixing/casting of Hydrocal plaster.

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My sister had a face mask cast like this a few years ago. The artist used vasaline on her hair and eye area as a release and within a few days of having the mask cast my sister developed a very serious eye condition caused by the vasaline getting into her eyes and tear ducts even though she says she kept her eyes permanantly cosed during the process. Years later she still has the eye condition. Please be aware that using vasaline like this may result in future eye problems for the person being cast.

Author — Acidhouse house


Shows how much I don't know enough people with a different set of useful skills. Thank You.

Author — Ronny Lots


Excellent tutorial, thanks for sharing. 

Author — FlamingFurnace


Thank you for making all these great tutorials, I have learned a lot!
Now I have a question for you about piercings, is it safe to leave them in when doing a alginate cast?
I don't want to tear someone's ear, nipple or other delicate body part.

Author — CookieSyndrome


8:18 I couldn't help but laugh, as her expression showed the "ordeal" she went through. :D

Anyhow, this is a great project for family memories and keepsakes.  I bet you and she will treasure it.

Your daughter's too cute.  I bet you think so. :D lol

Author — huyked


My name is Raia too and I am also involved in the arts!

It's so nice to see such a wonderful relationship between the two of you. Have fun making art together!

Author — RaiaMeister


How i can cover head with hair? Can i cover appling Vaseline or unmold before?

Author — Luis H. Villanueva


My claustrophobia is working over time.

Author — Apple Slices Unite


I applaud the human models, that looks soooo uncomfortable

Author — Leonard Greenpaw


Would you ever do a full head cast (so that it captures the ears and the back of the head and the neck and everything) with the alginate?

Author — Hechetonchieres


where can i get plaster bandage? and how much does it cost

Author — Sims2 MagicMovies


I would not permit my daughter to go through this.  A more mature subject would have been better.  Little girl was brave and controlled. 

Author — peggyt1243