Coronavirus: UK deaths rise faster than Italy and China at same stage of outbreak

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Coronavirus: UK deaths rise faster than Italy and China at same stage of outbreak 4.5
Can the NHS cope with the rapid spread of coronavirus? And which parts of the country are being most affect?

Sky's Ashish Joshi looks at the data.

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Shutting schools mean people think it’s the holidays.. madness.

Author — Vegas Milgauss


I don’t know why they aren’t banning travel as a whole.

Author — idk.


The sims are my friends for now they can’t get me sick.

Author — The CuddleBun


"Animal management is far easier than managing humans" someone told me. Now I have no doubt about it.

Author — Aziz R


Shout out to all of us still having to go to work everyday, we are the band still playing on the sinking Titanic, only the “wont affect” me people have decided to start a mosh pit to the music rather than trying to get to safety.

Author — lovepeace andharmony


People need to stay in doors... VOLUNTARILY... or we will all be locked by the military like France, Spain and Italy... be sensible people.

Author — David Bunney


This is why I’m self isolating. Stop being stupid.

Author — JP T


I can't imagine that's happening. I mean, what could go wrong while millions shopping like crazy, forcing others to do same, going later to the pub or out....

Author — Lucy Cipher


Extroverts: *living life*

Introverts: WTF is wrong with these people

Author — Jacob L


And there’s still idiots walking around saying it will be gone in a week and invading people’s personal space and shaking people’s hand as if to prove their point!! 🤬🤯

Author — Jaz Marie


“An 18-year-old is understood to have become the youngest person to die in the UK after testing positive for coronavirus.”

Do something 🥺

Author — Fgg Gggfv


"uk deaths" more like england ....wheres the stats from wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Author — Jack Barker


*China's winning the race because they started the race before telling everyone that we're having a race.*

Author — Walter White


Not a lot of good news these days is there

Author — G G


Rest in Home is better than Rest in Peace... UK &GB

Author — Brain Wash


I think this data is incredibly misleading. Nonetheless, anything to scare the populous indoors I suppose. I'll take it.

Author — Todd Bevan


Where is Russia in all of this mess. Why havent we heard anything from them

Author — Adam Warlock


People think shutting schools is a good thing as we can chill and go out but NONITS NOT STAY AT HOME PEOPLE

Author — Adil Mahomed


this is the governments doing when they decided to talk about how this is like the flu. that stuck in peoples heads, they still dont get it!

Author — askquestionsplz


He needs to lock down now!! People are just taking the piss. This is serious and it’s never gonna get under control with idiots about 😡

Author — Forza223 Bowe