Blood Type and COVID-19: There May Be Something Here

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COVID-19 patients with blood type A seem to be at higher risk. The question is why?

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I’m O- I don’t want to jinx myself but I’ve never had the flu and I’m 60. I am going to pass on the Covid 19 vaccine.

Author — scot60


There are six people in my household the two A-types have had COVID, the 4 O’s did not. We all live in the same house, strange.

Author — Tom Slayton


Now do a study on how the vaccine will replicate in the blood and cause the immune system to malfunction when the next planned virus is unleashed

Author — Brenda Barber


Vitamin D makes a big difference, my opinion

Author — Green Tree


Praise God that no weapons formed against us will prosper🙌❤

Author — Ahavah13


I have A- blood...I've been exposed many times and haven't gotten it...thank God!

Author — Ramona Taber


If you get Covid-19 you have at least 99% chance of recovery. If you get the shot you don’t know what will happen at least long term

Author — James Duffy


My husband is in his 60s, heart issues, diabetic, overweight, had Covid with little to no symptoms. My son in law is 36, healthy, a marathon runner and it kicked his butt! No rhyme or reason to this stuff!!

Author — Lisa Langley


Its interesting that the RH Factor isn't mentioned in your "Investigation" and I find it to be very weird!!! The presence of the RH antigen makes blood completely different despite the Class Types. 'A' blood is not just 'A' blood the presence of RH makes it a completely different blood..

Author — Demetrius Burke


If you don’t want to get sick, no matter what your blood type, take precautions, eat healthy, limit junk food, get enough rest, keep stress down, get some sunshine daily, take your meds properly if you take meds, and exercise regularly. It’s basic stuff people have known for generations.

Author — Chelle Bright


COVID-19 = Certificate of Vaccination Identification 2019.

Author — Kai Narkiniemi


met another person that got her first vaccine swears she wont get a second."i got so sick i thought i was going to die"is what she said.

Author — jack the roofer


I am type A, have worked with Covid-19 patients since march 2020, hade a slight Covid-19 infection in april and have been healthy since then.

Author — Never say Never again


I'm O+ I got covid in December 2019, my parents got covid in June/July 2020. If you are a covid survivor that is your vaccine. DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINES!

Author — Stephanie S


I have A+ Blood and I feel awesome.Not so much as a running nose during this whole plandemic, But I plead the blood of Jesus every single day, and don't live in fear.

Author — KoL Baruch


AB- I'm 61 been around positive covid people for at least a year never had a problem with a cold, but i also take small doses of Colloidal Silver every couple of days :)

Author — Marcos J Benson


There’s also a diet going around “Eat for Your Blood Type.” After reading the book, I feel it has some validity, mainly because the way it said I should eat, made me feel better.

Author — hoptoi


How refreshing, a scientist who is secure enough to admit he can be wrong. I like your style sir. Sending you all a big fat psychic hug pass it on babies xxx 😇😇😇🥰🥰🥰😇😇😇 xxx

Author — Stephanie Parkinson


Type O blood offers 30% less risk of contracting Covid-19, according to several studies.

Author — Robert E. Andrews


Unless I missed something, you kept talking about type A, yet you did not specify whether it was a positive or A negative.

Author — Laura Barber