Surviving coronavirus | What happens after you recover from covid-19

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Surviving coronavirus | What happens after you recover from covid-19 4

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Oh yeah, this is a thing. I forgot from all these riots.

Author — Greg Williams


I "recovered" almost two months ago and I still cannot breathe well. Basic activities exhaust me. Every breath is work. I'm exhausted all the time. I have to return to work soon and wonder how I am going to do a physically demanding job when I can't climb a flight of stairs without hyperventilating.

Author — bladeofbattousai


my mother is currently fighting covid-19 i hope she will recovery

btw she has been in the hospital since may 9th

Author — planetwill


Why is Francis wearing a mask. He doesn't have Covid 19 to give to others. And he can not get again.

Author — birther1968


I have a dream, a dream I have said that a heavy rain will wash all VIRUS away.

Author — Pao Vang


He forgot to disclose how much he had to pay for being in the ICU as well as what he still has to pay for his current medical issues due to COVID.

Author — rsuriyop


I'm happy he survived! This is such an important message to show others. He is young. Sure, he survived but he is still recovering on many levels. I really don't want to catch or release this virus.

Author — Holly Scarlett


It’s nice to see this perspective on the virus.

Author — sienna marie


Ok so i feel ok but ever now and then i find myself gasping for air like wtf but then im fine again every other couple of days

Edit: you feel permanently different unfortunately
And your still more tired than usaul

This was my experience after beating covid

Author — Wav


I had this virus already. Thank god my case was mild.

Author — Dolf


This s*** sucks...very real and should be taken serious. Prayers for everyone dealing with this...dont think it can't happen to you

Author — losbeboutpmw


People will also have survivor's guilt. Like, "Why did I live while others died?" That is a common part of it too. Honestly, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes ever. This is why i'm gonna continue to do what is necessary.

Author — Strange Wayfaring Stranger


Cool. I know Dr Paladino from KCH. Good for him being interviewed by washington post!!

Author — Shimmering_Morbidity


Very informative and I'm glad he's doing good.

Author — NaturalMonty


On January 15th, I went to ER because I had flu and my breathing was becoming labored. About 6 hours later, I went into respiratory failure and was on a ventilator for 20 days. I am 56 years old and had no chronic medical conditions. I was overweight and out of shape. I was diagnosed with Influenza A that turned into ARDS. When I woke up, I could not move anything. I could not talk. After 9 weeks in hospital and assisted living I was able to go home. I had to use supplemental oxygen when I did any activity. It has been another 2 months and I am off oxygen and I am starting to feel about as good as I was before I got sick. I will just have to wait and see how much more fit I will be able to get. I had some scarring in my lungs, but the doctors didn't mention that I would have diminished capacity and I was afraid to push the question. I just took a Covid anti-body test and will get results in a day or two. I am hoping that I had the coronavirus and that is the reason I got so sick. That way I don't have to be paranoid moving forward. If it turns out that I had the virus, it would be evidence that the virus was around in mid January in Orange County California. Well see.

Author — MusicByJC


So i guess those that don't have medical benefits are SoL especially while unemployed.

Author — William R


So glad he's still alive to tell his story :)

Author — sarah sanchez


I also survived corona!! I already had copd to begin with. And I thought once I had gotten it, that I had been given a death sentence!! But miraculously I survived corona!! But it left me with a bad cough and it hurts to breathe. I can't even clean my own apartment without running out of breath and I end up having to sit down on and off while cleaning, and vacuuming. I found out a few years ago that I can have a carer come in once a week to clean for me and to help with daily tasks. I have always been independent. So in the past I wouldn't dream of asking for charity. But after covid/corona I am in a situation to where I need to be humble enough to ask for help now. Corona/covid made my copd issues much worse. I cannot even keep up with my granddaughter. I don't have a car, so I cannot go shopping for food when I have money. So I end up having to buy food from the convenience store from across the street. They are so overpriced there too. So I end up spending my 250$ I get to live on for the month, after rent and bills, on that store. So the last two weeks of the month I eat bread and rice. I cannot walk to the store which 20 blocks away. So I think it's time to reach out and accept a carer

Author — Steven Picco


I had a pulmonary embolism less than a year ago. It took me weeks to get back to "normal." There really isn't a normal. I can't imagine piling COVID 19 on top of that.

Author — FateOfSilver


So when am I going to get my story told on tv. I got it, my wife and kids had it, none of us went to the hospital none of us got medicine. Just that once check to see if we had it. So what happens after you recover from this virus ? nothing irregular, about the same as when you have it and thats the same as before you got it. I guess my story wont be told because its the same as 99 percent of the people who get it .

Author — jamarmiller