Dream Theater Live 'The Spirit Carries On' Chicago 3-29-19 Chicago Theater 1st row S9+ 1080 60FPS

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Dream Theater Live 'The Spirit Carries On' Chicago 3-29-19 Chicago Theater 1st row S9+ 1080 60FPS 5

Dream Theater at the Chicago Theater March 29 2019 shot on a Samsung S9+ at 1080 60FPS. Video was prohibited so did the best I could to try and estimate the proper angles and shots as was essentially shooting from a coat pocket.

Screened these on a 27" monitor full screen and was very pleased with how they turned out as well as the sound. Make sure to adjust settings lower right hand corners to highest resolution.

I do not claim to be the owner of the music or the video, all of which is copyrighted to its respective owners. This upload is for entertainment purposes only and has no cash value. I am very grateful for the generosity of the artistic creators. No copyright infringement intended. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for viewing.

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The raw sound of the drum is absolutely the best

Author — Karthik S


Thanks for sharing this great performance. Gotta love the fact that you were so close, you got the actual sound of the drums, not the PA. Awesome :)

Author — Nix Neato


Thanks for filming this, this was such a magical moment at the show!

Author — Vince Pazera


The drums sound soooo good... (also first time ive noticed there are so many ghost notes in this song...?)

Author — Dinghao Luo


When James came really close to hou I thought he was GOING to snatch your camera being a pirate what was he doing

Author — the English Rocker


Nice. I regret not getting tickets for the show here in San Diego. This footage is great. Thanks for sharing.

Author — Marshall Ross


AWESOME!!! Thank you. Saw this same show exactly a month later in Dallas. Best concert including 7 prior Dream Theater shows that Ive ever seen

Author — James Goldman


I don't like the drums. I feel it like "dry" without heart

Author — Renzo


Parece que no tienen mas discos, que cada 5 años hay que tocar el mismo...

Author — Gustavo Guerrero