How Can We Achieve Clarity In Our Life ? | Sadhguru

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How Can We Achieve Clarity In Our Life ? | Sadhguru 5
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A Questioner Ask Sadhguru That How Can We Acheive Clarity In Our Life ?


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💬 Comments on the video

"Clarity will come to you when you are not contaminated by the memory"- WOW! 👌👌👌

Author — Smith B


Please arrange a discussion between Sadhguru and elonmusk

Author — vinay nalkudri


“The education system has messed you up” 😂😂💀 I—

Author — precious antwi


Guys when you add additional clips to Sadhgurus sessions becareful. Please add appropriate contents. Sadhguru doesn't represent any religion. But I don't know the guy who did the video.Is biased by any religion. As sadhguru says clarity is very important.

Author — cherry strawberry


Sadhguru Forever 🥰
Memory or intelligence...

Author — Les blagues de Sadhguru Blagues des autres.


I think I am too much contaminated with memory to understand the clarity 😅😅

Author — Praveen Kumar Hugar


Hello sadhguru
How to keep separate memory and intelligence

Author — prangya paramita jena


One to unite Dhan Guru Nanak song video on YouTube thanks 🙏

Author — Kirk Singh


I know who are those 22 people ha haaa

Author — vikas s


It's a big problem that many students just memories studies without really understanding it. There is movie, 3 Idiots, about it. Not only students needs to understand studies, but also ask questions like why and how about what they study.
I have some knowledge of AI, intelligence is analysing observations and storing results and continuing this activity. So, to some extent memory and intelligence both contributes to overall intelligence. Problem with humans is that they have biases and make false conclusions of their own.
For clarity in life, one has to practice detachment, and for that not being biased is important. Also, not having arrogance and envy is equally important. Self stability can give you clarity and for continuing clarity, one has to be creative and strong.

Author — Jaydeep Vipradas


If we stop learning and stop gathering information then how could we possibly develop the Artificial intelligence to be so advanced??

Learning and knowledge is going to be relevant for atleast 50 years from now!

So, It's not perfect for this moment to leave the learning and knowledge because it tells us about how this world works. I want to ask you that don't you want to know about and observe this nature and how this world works if not then follow his instructions and I agree to the fact that we should observe our innerself because that is the most important thing.
I'm not saying he's wrong because his main message to us is that we should live in clarity.

His message may be relevant for 2050 or 2060 but not today!

Author — vishwanath Mahapatra