Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising ► All weapons

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Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising ► All weapons 5
00:00 MEU(SOC) (United States Marine Corps)
00:14 QSZ92 (People's Liberation Army)

00:31 MP5A4 (USMC)
01:03 QCQ-05 (PLA)

01:37 M16A4 (USMC)
02:09 M4A1 (USMC)
02:41 Mk16 Mod 0 (USMC)
03:04 Mk17 Mod 0 (USMC)
03:24 QBZ95 (PLA)
04:00 Type 81-1 (PLA)

04:33 M21 (USMC)
05:10 QBU88 (PLA)
05:35 Model 82A1 (USMC)
06:12 M99 (PLA)

06:43 M249 SAW (USMC)
07:18 Mk48 Mod 0 (USMC)
07:56 QBB95 (PLA)
08:27 Type 67-II (PLA)

08:59 GLM Launcher (USMC)
09:16 M203 Grenade Launcher (USMC)
09:30 LG1 Grenade Launcher (PLA)
09:45 QLJ91 Grenade Launcher (PLA)
09:59 M32 (USMC)

10:23 FGM-148 Javelin (USMC)
10:52 FIM-92A Stinger (USMC)
11:17 SMAW (USMC)
11:39 PF98 Queen Bee (PLA)
12:09 SAM QW-2 (PLA)

12:26 Frag Grenade (USMC)
12:39 Frag Grenade (PLA)
12:53 Smoke Grenade (USMC)
13:11 Red Smoke Marker (USMC)
13:29 Smoke Grenade (PLA)
13:51 Claymore M18A1 Mine (USMC)
13:59 M14 Anti-Personnel Mine (USMC)
14:05 M21 Anti-Tank Mine (USMC)
14:12 Claymore Mine (PLA)
14:20 Type 72 Anti-Personnel Mine (PLA)
14:27 TM62 Anti-Tank Mine (PLA)

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My squad was caught in an ambush,
Ennemy squad 100 meters away, hiding next to a house.
We are defending our tree line, but we did'nt expect any hostiles.
I am hiding behind a tree, supressing in front of me,
I can't see anything but the bullets are flying everywhere.
Suddenly my gun jams, while I am shooting !
I panic, try to shoot, I get hit in the right arm, I am bleeding, so I get proned.
Ennemy bullets are hitting the tree, the ground, my screen is all dirty.
Gun is finally unjammed, I manage to bandage myself and shout out some orders to my squad.
We also soon managed to kill the enemy squad, we all survived the brutal ambush.
It was the most immersive and realistic moment I ever experienced in a video game.
I got 500+ hours in this game, my M4A1 only jammed once. But it happens.
And such small details make this game a very well executed war simulation, where you allways have to expect the unexpected, and handle various new situations in a very, very intense war ambiance.

Author — Post Tenebras Lux


People are saying this game is shit but I’m here still playing the campaign and loving the shit out of it, people looking at the small things and making it big smh

Author — Our Savior


Thought the gunplay was very stiff and awkward in this game.

Author — Clover The Gun Nut


Oh, this game was a waste of potential... Sure it was mediocre at best but it had some good ideas, the UI was great, very functional, and the (initial) presentation was great. Arma could certainly benefit from the command and tactical menu instead of the same frustrating mouse scroll system they've been using for the last 16 years.

Author — Felipe Fritsch


Any chance of making a "all weapons"video for Op. Flashpoint: Red River?

Author — Josef X


How could you play in a server without players?
I cant find any player on xbox one but I want to tease all weapons.

Author — Bro, Do I look stoned?


What I like about this game is it has no muzzle climb just some

Author — xDieselv


always Marksman scope helped my singleplayer

Author — pandemoniumconfusion 0


Could you do the latest operation flashpoint?

Author — crazeboy28


I love Chinese Weapons also German weapons

Author — Pgy 3831


Can you attach the bayonet to you're gun?

Author — Landen Greene


Your game is in spanish (just a random thing i found out)

Author — Luis Oyola


Hey, Frost, the time mark for barret is wrong. It's set to 03:35, but it should be 5:35. Fix pls :)

Author — Soldier3856


I've been inking about getting this game

Author — A Solitary Slice Of Pie


One question. I love Red River and I want to get dragon rising. Are there still ANY online players on PS3?

Author — Him Al-Youssef


Damn, can't these chinese people make their own weapons? Most of their weapons, if not all, look like knock-offs.

Author — AlphaLeader772


+FrostThreat48 How did you get all the weapons in Operation FlashPoint Dragon Rising? I've tested every available mission and all that. Are you in the editor?

Author — Tad Hildebrandt


this game must've been so terrible that it was given out for FREE on Xbox live with gold. And long and behold, the game was crap. I wanted to like it but I just couldn't.

Author — BigHaas