UK Border Security Agents Bust a Grandma | Border Patrol

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UK Border Security Agents Bust a Grandma | Border Patrol 4.5

UK Border Agents find a suspect package in a Grandma's laptop. Watch as the UK's top Border Patrol Agents work to keep the countries busiest airports safe from smugglers, drugs and illegal immigrants. If you don't make it past their security you might find yourself locked up abroad!

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💬 Comments on the video

She went from old lady to thug in 10.7 seconds

Author — Jennifer Love


I only clicked on this because grandma was getting busted.

Author — Off Grid


“Just under the arrestable amount.” I doubt that was an accident.

Author — mymak2015


Wtf the officer was literally trying to help the guy and he didn't get it.
"you can pick up traces of drugs from touching things"
"I didn't touch anything"
"or from nightclubs"
"I don't go to nightclubs"

Author — Loser McGee


I was like "Does he have Calvin Klein Ciggarettes?" lmao

Author — Hxney


i change clothes too in airports, especially when i was in long distance relationship .. how would you meet your love one after 35 hours in a tin ?

Author — fly


I'm Honestly surprised that the Cocaine in the laptop was found.

Author — Neato Electro


LOOOOL They made the grandma take her wig off! Wasn't acting all gangster after that.

Author — Adil Riaz


It wasn't the cell that made her angry,
it was that she had to take off her wig

Author — Bob Barker


Fun fact: you didn’t search for this.
Other fun fact: you sat through the whole thing

Author — cmament


I love how she was trying to explain to the Jamaican dude all of the ways he could be *innocent*, and he was just like "no no no absolutely not!"

Author — FireFly Epic


The dogs think that everybody is playing with them. Cute.

Author — Dissident


Why they zoom in her wig like that nooo💀💀💀💀💀💀

Author — Panashe Kay


Imagine if the narrator was actually in the same room as the microphone

Author — ZapTiL


Grandma took off her wig and they realized she was Pablo Escobar



Caught with 36, 000 cigarettes (instead of the allowable 200), and told "you won't be prosecuted or penalised - it's just under the limit for that!!!

Author — The Human Canary


This woman really just called out Hillary while in the UK 🤣🤣

Author — Jamie Pinto


"It may seem brutal, the only way to find out [...] is to break it open" *Guy unscrews it and opens it as a laptop is designed to be opened*
How is that brutal and not actually, just, you know, fine. He certainly didn't "break" it open.
Pile on that drama, narrator guy~

Author — Foxcheese


"The cocaine makes my laptop run faster...." haha..

Author — never mind


4 grand is nothing when traveling 🤷🏼‍♀️

Author — Asia Dread