Cooking with Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach - Empanada Recipe

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Learn how to make a delicious empanada by following along with Pia!

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I love how shes so damn down to earth! ❤
you know, im Mexican and back in highschool i had no friends in freshman year, my first friends were all fillipinos. I hung, out with them at Nutriotion and lunch time, and alot of the times they would speak tagalog and honestly i had no idea what they were saying all i knew was that alot of words they said sounded in spanish to me. i was so amused, i actually think Most fillipinos are really friendly and i want to thank them for being nice to me..

Saludos Pia Guapa! 👄

You deffinitely are "Confidently beautiful with the heart"

Author — Olga Torrez


Why is she getting dislikes? 😂 c'mon people she's cute and adorable ❤️

Author — Kristle Jen


Latinos may think shes speaking Spanish but Filipinos think shes speaking Filipino. Well both are correct.
Did someone forget that Philippines is also Latin America's distant brother?? hahahaha

Author — THWB


Pia is literally the best Miss Universe ever

Author — nicole


Pía es una MUJER ENCANTADORA, no solamente tiene belleza sino una personalidad muy dulce. Los peruanos tuvimos la oportunidad de tenerla por aquí en el Miss Perú 2016 y la verdad que se ganó rápidamente el cariño de la gente con su carisma y belleza. Una de las Mejores Miss Universo hasta el momento.

Author — Alberto Rubén Q.R.


Game face: ON
apron: ON
skills: OFF

Damn i love you Pia

Author — Hakuna Matata


"and this is Guapa" 😂😂😂 LMAO

I did not expect that at all seriously, and there you go a huge master making empanadas, I guess this shoot was when you where in Panama?

Anyway love u Pia!

Author — Diego Castañeda


I love Pia...I was so happy when she won, I am not Filipina but I was rooting for this woman, she's beautiful and humble like my Miss Nicaragua Marina Jacoby...please rub your good juju on her Pia...Much love from a California Nicaraguan

Author — Jeannie L


I love you Pia! Don't mind the immature, bitter haters out there. You just do your thing, and don't forget that your fans, including me, will always support you! You absolutely deserve your title 😘

Author — jas jeonglee


i think, had there been a masterchef US this season, it's great to have her as a guest judge.

Author — Jeffrey Enrico Vinzon


I love how she uses her filipino hospitality when cooking the ingredients HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAN LOVE YA PIA

Author — poppy


Shame with those people who never stop bashing. Pia never say anything negative to you. Please be mindful that Pia worked hard for her success, don't underestimate her. Mind your own business.

Author — francis albuen


Pia es demasiado adorable ❤️bien merecida su corona :)
Saludos desde Venezuela :3

Author — Uriangel Serrano


Wow it's amazing how much Spanish influence is in the Philippines, as a latin American (not Spaniard) that's what we call all those veggies too.
Now I'm interested to see what else is similar, like what she's doing, the empanadas, my mom makes as well. Feels just like a Latin American home. Guapa! XD

Author — MitsukiDiablew


OMG 😂 I HAD SO MUCH FUN WATCHING THIS! 😂 The best part was, 'And this is g'wapa'. You're the best, Queen P. G'wapa jud ka. 😍

Author — Xavee Sy


Maravillosa Pia sencilla y natural pd:las empanadas se ven muy bien Saludos de Venezuela

Author — María vic b


The best miss universe ever! No other MU can beat her fun, loving witty character! Forever pia!

Author — Khidir Ruslin


Never get bored with Pia's reign. I really miss her now. 😢😢😢

Author — Yam Alduñar



Author — Francine Del Amor


You're the best Miss Universe, you have the biggest heart, you're beautiful, and very charismatic, I love you a lot, you'll always be the most beautiful woman, I'm your number one fan, never change please

Author — Martha Paniagua