What If We Became Enslaved by Aliens?

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What If We Became Enslaved by Aliens? 5

Visitors from beyond the stars have arrived. What secrets could our intergalactic friends share? What wonders could these space chums unveil? They DO NOT come in peace. The aliens have arrived, and they’re here to lay down the law. Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain, and we’re now at the mercy of our alien overlords. What would our new alien masters do with us? And why did they invade Earth?

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What If is a mini-documentary web series that takes you on an epic journey through hypothetical worlds and possibilities. Join us on an imaginary adventure through time, space and chance while we (hopefully) boil down complex subjects in a fun and entertaining way.

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Bruh to be honest the way 2020 has been going so far I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually happened this

Author — George Patrick


“See children? The human is on its phone again” 😂

Author — Divya Vijayakumar


2020: what if aliens enslave us
2099: humans enslaves aliens

Author — gamecade room


Aliens when they arrive: *Hippity hoppity, humans are now our property.*

Author — Vrontí


What if : aliens think we’re food
Chinese: reverse uno card

Author — Legacy King


*Plot Twist:*
We are already secretly enslaved by Aliens

Author — Duchi


"Look students, the human are on their phones again."
Human: "I'ma ... watching What if..."

Author — YC Tan


What if the aliens are already planning to come our way
My anxiety: 📈📈📈

Author — Quinty


What happens if we become enslave by Alien .. 👀😯

People: if they are like us, we will become their food. 👾🍲

Vegan alien: don't worry, I will protect you all .. 👽❤

Author — MEN'S


Day 16 of asking: (literally... I have been counting)

What if planes were never invented?

Author — Brix Mania


Aliens: arrived
People who doesen't watch what if: die
People who does watch what if: extreme strategy

Author — Wings


Fun Fact :
If the aliens come now.
The Wuhan Virus is the first virus to go interstellar.

Author — NobleStar Lion


Me: Roses are red, the sky is blue
Youll eat me if you're a goo.
Alien: well played.

Author — Fred Skyz


Coronavirus: You're scared of aliens?? Say no more.

Author — Zofia Jędrzejko


No one :

Not a single soul :

What if : Human burger anyone

Author — • Elvyrlòçk •


Short answer: we'd be screwed
Long answer: we'd be *really* screwed

Author — JustThatGuy 37


We Cant Defeat Aliens Cause They Have Shielf
And Strong Recourses

Johnwick: *Goes Inside UFO And Kill One By One*

Author — Kree X


When He said
"See aliens the human is in its phone again"

I felt it

Author — John Klien Rojas


I wish we could learn this type of topics in our school

Author — Sahil Purohit


How do you know that 4 dimensional beings/alien kids aren't actually watching us now

Author — Sagnik Mukherjee