How to fail at democracy 101: Weimar Republic

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How to fail at democracy 101: Weimar Republic 5

A brief look into why the first proper German Republic failed.

As a side note: Youtube has recently been on a spree of demonetizing educational historic content for dealing with subjects like war, as appearantly these topics are "controversial" and not marketable enough for advertizers. If you are like me and enjoy this style of content feel free to support these channels directly. We shouldn't let Youtube repress educational content for monetary reasons just like that #supportEduYT

Of course a 8 minute piece isn't going to be as in depth as an half hour one, so here's a bunch of things I couldn't talk about in detail:

- Treaty of Versailles
- Philipp Scheidemann
- Spartacist Uprising
- Dolchstoßlegende (stab-in-the-back myth)
- various failed nationalist and communist coups
- Hitler- and Kapp-Lüttwitz- coups in particular
- Ruhr Uprising
- hyperinflation
- treaties of Locarno and Rapallo
- How the Nazis secured their power

Perhaps I'm going to do some of them at some point, but if you're interested these are quite essencial to get an more in-depth look into Weimar and how Hitler came to power.


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"Irgendwo auf der Welt" - The Comedian Harmonists

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So yeah, this has taken me a while.
As to why it took so long, I wanted to make sure that
I'm at least 99% content with this thing before I release it.
This video went through:

- 6 major script changes
- 4 different recording sessions
- 3 different video editing programs
- moving house once
- a fuckton of handdrawn images

And all that while I'm still working/having a proper job.
Thank you for waiting so patiently.

On the plus side, I think that I found a way to streamline
this thing somewhat and I think the next video is only going
to take me 11 months this time, so

Author — Guy Bloke


I'm voting for the Centralist Christian Party of Tilting Your Bowler Hat Slightly to the Left.

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One of Weimars mistakes letting old people die becouse they were old

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I love this man

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People call Trump hitler when he has no capability of doing anything Hitler did, even if he wanted to.

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You're welcome

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I heard that exposure to fascism creates a bigger chance for cute catgirls to be genetically enginered.

Is this true?

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Well, technically since I am one of your students and I am a soon to be father, one of your students got pregnant :P

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That's what they get for not having a plan those damn anti-monarchists

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My favourite saying about Weimar: It was a democracy without democrats

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Don't think I didn't see the KEK party.

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Beat a broken germany with a stick and expect them to do what you want?

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Undemocratic nations forced to become democratic turns disastrous? Gee I wonder if that happened again bit you also had to reset and redo your entire economy AND deal with cultural struggles?

*ponders in Russian*

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This is the real-life proof that history is best explained by not being serious and making fun of historical moments

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Gustav Stresemann is one of the most underestimated politicians in Germany and should be regarded as one of the first heroes of our democracy.

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