The 2020 Recession: How To Prepare For The Next Economic Crash

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The 2020 Recession: How To Prepare For The Next Economic Crash 5
The U.S. economy has officially entered the longest expansion in its history. United States GDP has been growing for the last 121 consecutive months. When will we experience the next recession? What measures can you take to protect your investments from the negative effects of an economic crash?
In this video, we will discuss some potential causes and indicators of future recessions. We will take a look at the odds and predictions of a recession in 2019-2020.

Most importantly, this video will provide you with some insight as to how you can prepare for upcoming recessions. I make very little attempt to time the market. Dollar-cost averaging can have many benefits.

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To believe he giving all this info for free...cmon least you can do is Like homie's videos.

Author — Wani Geremiah


I don't have a luxurious or phenomenal life, but the best part is.... I don't owe anyone anything.

Author — Nugsy Malone


I have a PhD in Finance and still stayed till the end - very nice recap and pieces of advice, young Sir!

Author — dvrify1


Quantitative easing video coming soon. Make sure that you are subscribed to the channel so that you don't miss any videos!

Author — Nate O'Brien


Lol listen, even if Quantitative Easing only gets 30 views, that’s still a classroom full of people! :)

Author — Arvabelle


Best thing you can do is be debt free first, and then worry about this stuff!

Author — Gerald Brown


Are we out of the recession from 11 years ago? I was never notified the last one was over.

Author — david lopez


As a 13 y/o I'd like to know this information for the betterment of my self in the future

Author — Hearts Of Iron 4


You are a very impressive and knowledgeable young man. Your parents must be really proud of you.

Author — CHUCK


I've been through two recessions. To prepare
1. Settle credit card debt and back taxes
2. Have up to 12 months emergency funds plus 3 months for every child. If the economy turns around and there's little chance you'll lose your job, you can use this excess cash to buy an extra property or stocks
3. If you want to remain invested, switch to recession proof stocks like utilities, food and tech (some people would rather have mobile phones and internet than food)
4. Cut out unnecessary expenses like international vacations and practice eating and watching movies at home. Try also taking public transportation in case you have to get rid of your car lease
5. Watch Dave Ramsey, especially the videos when he yells Stupid! to keep yourself on track

There's more but these are the basics. You'll sleep well at night.

Author — Robert Halili


His hair received an economic stimulus...Trump is jealous.

Author — Wayne The Wolf


I want to add onto his explanation of what a recession is. A recession is a product of government and fiat currency. The proper definition of money is “a store of value and a medium of exchange”. In other words money is nothing more than a measurement of value, not unlike how a ruler measures length or hours on a clock measure time. Previous to government intervention and the formation of the fed, gold (and silver) was the globally agreed upon form of money. This was the consensus the free market reached not governments. Since golds supply is limited it’s value remained stable long term, therefore prices remained stable. Interest rates were also stable and in line with the markets activity. Under this system recessions aren't actually possible at all. It all changed when govt intervened. Today we use paper and call it money. The government through the fed creates “new” money at a constant rate. If money is a measurement of value but the fed keeps creating new money it makes it extremely difficult to judge value through prices. Imagine if the hrs on a clock kept growing, think about how much that would throw your perception of time off. Due to the laws of supply and demand, if the supply of money grows the demand for it will fall. In other words, the more money that is available, the higher prices will be, aka inflation. Because the feds interest rate is a product of “policy” and not the result of market activity, will signal people to take on investments that aren’t truly productive. In the long term this leads to great mal investment. The mal investment leads to a giant house of cards waiting to topple. We’ve had 10 years of near zero interest rates. Banks are literally giving money away. Inflation in areas like housing, college tuition, and healthcare has been through the roof. There are corporations with billion dollar values that have never and will never turn a profit because they’re not truly viable but instead living off the life support that is cheap money (looking at you Tesla, Uber, Amazon). There is more debt today than has ever existed in this country’s history. The next recession will be massive. And hurt a lot of people. The best action to take is to pay off high interest debt as quickly as possible, get out of the stock market completely, build an emergency savings, and try to diversify out of the dollar or paper assets in general.

Author — Justin Dean


Be nice if we could have a nice housing market crash. Home prices in Denver outrageous.

Author — DJR5280


I dont have much, but I'm free in debt.

Author — Nacho Miranda


The stock market is manipulated. They own everything, they can crash the system whenever they want. Investing in the stock market is gambling at its best.

Author — Samantha Williams


Reminds me of the Warren Buffet quote: “When you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty interesting results.”  It's always best to keep your debts in check for when the inevitable downturn. Great video!

Author — Kevin Conway


do you have different back drops or is there a specific way you make the set up look so clean?

Author — JD TV


I earned my Finance Degree in the early 1960s and was still able to comprehend what you were discussing. Well done

Author — Ken Lynch


Save/ get your emergency funds in order and warn others!

Author — Justin Jose


The recession is also opportunity for some people. Not a total bad sign...

Author — 迷信怖