Amazon employee work-life balance | Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon | Code Conference 2016

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Amazon employee work-life balance | Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon | Code Conference 2016 3.5

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He is talking only about corporate employees. He is not speaking for warehouse employees. Which is the majority of the company.

Author — Heinousness


Easily the worst place I've ever worked. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Author — HealthyMealthy


Lex Luthor has more compassion compared to this psychopath.

Author — JMJ -K


1:54 "happy at work" "come home energized" From amazon slave warehouse? xD xD

Author — Mike Torn


Just another CEO narcissist with false charm. They are the best liars.

Author — checkingdude


Working at Amazon :

It’s gonna be a no for me dawg

Author — Joshua Ortiz


Watching the clock all day...bahahha coming from the man that measures bathroom breaks

Author — eric wallker


Working 10 hour days standing messed up my spine.

Author — Brenda Echols


Interviewer "Amazon has been criticized for having harsh working conditions"
Bezos "Its important for the employees to be happy."

Lol. Guy is the terminator of CEOs.

Author — Michael Reed


Anyone else notice him barely containing his frustration at the question? Almost like he thinks it's trivial.

Author — TheJohana201


I've work at Amazon for 4 years. Everyone is constantly looking at the time

Author — Daniel Cerna


Mr. Bezos, you have any clue how some of your employees *bully* other employees? You are so divorced from reality when you talk like this.

Author — JC


How can you be happy when u stand for 10h, u avoid toilets cause u dont want ur productivity to go down and ur entire body hurts at the end of the 4 days shift !!!!

Author — Suzaku Jas


I work at Amazon they treat you based on the volume they have for the day so at peak they do not bother you at all. Once that volume slows down they will scrutinize your every move and labor track you until you go crazy .

Author — Drewski Levi


it always puzzles me how new age corporations fool into employees to leave their soul and their blood into work... guys, wake up, you are working for somebody else's dream! you have to deliver what you are paid for and that's it

Author — Hal


I work for Amazon and every day I hit 350 to 400 but Amazon doesn't respect there employees they treat you like slaves for that reason I quit working for Amazon

Author — Anthony Flomo


LOL Jeff is worst ceo. his explanation is clearly is a makeup !!!

Author — ACoolBoi


I just quit Amazon after working a miserable three weeks at the HOU2 location in Houston, Texas. My short time there was the worst experience that I've ever had during my 26-years of employment! It had such a destructive effect on me that my mother phoned me one day and begged me to quit because she could see how badly working at Amazon was affecting the lives of myself and my family! I had become very short tempered and stressed out all of the time, dreading the moment that I would have to return to work and grind out another 10 hours of modern-day slavery! Jeff Bezos mentions that he doesn't want to have miserable employees watching the clock. Well, the truth is.... he has miserable employees being watched by the clock. At Amazon, an employee's job performance or "Rate", is timed down to the tenth of a second! SCREW YOU JEFF BEZOS AND AMAZON! I STRONGLY URGE EVERYONE TO THINK TWICE BEFORE CLICKING "BUY" ON ANY AMAZON PRODUCT OR SERVICE! AMAZON EMPLOYEES GO THROUGH ABSOLUTE HELL ON EARTH TO PROVIDE THE JEFF BEZOS "CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE"!

Author — puppy034


I worked there and I had to quit it was the hardest job I ever had your brain is fried at the end of an 8 hr. shift!

Author — Brainstain


I see 2 faces(feces :O) on one person. Ive never found a dictator or despot who thought they were anything less than magnificent in their treatment of others.

Author — Rockinit