The Big Ape

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  • ℹ️ Published 15 years ago

We spared ever expanses in the special effects area when producing this commercial.

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This commercial was made a few years ago, when TV was only SD 1:33.1
This spot was made to play wide-screen at the Local Movie Theater.

It was are goal to give some of the stampede shots a feel of live TV, or that consumer video look. These elements were shot 1:33.1 in 60 I. While the other shots were done 16 x 9 24p. In later years I've adopted doing all my Green Screen work in 30 p for easier Chroma-keying.

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Author — Greg Crawford


I usually get compliments for my casting. I work to use people that look the part.

In film school some of the younger people used only their friends, to play the part of Weathered Detectives, and Professor. It just doesn't look reel.

Author — Greg Crawford


i love the commercial! too bad you didn't get a more attractive woman to come out of the car and scream

Author — jack kelm