How I Survived Being Kidnapped by Somali Pirates | Op-Docs

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How I Survived Being Kidnapped by Somali Pirates | Op-Docs 5

Reporting from conflict zones will always be dangerous. But where should journalists draw the line? And who pays the price when they take too many risks? In her Op-Doc, “From Journalist to Hostage,” director Sonia Kennebeck explores those questions at close range, through the story of a reporter who was held captive by Somali pirates for two and a half years. Many commentators have suggested that journalists like Michael Scott Moore have no business taking such risks — and shouldn’t expect sympathy or aid. But if reporters always steer clear of dangerous places, will important stories go untold?

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The guy holding the RPG is a typical bot I’ll trick shot him no cap

Author — Can I get to 1K sub please I’ll sub back


I can only imagine how bad his PTSD is.

Author — Analyse Kensington


The saddest part is how humanity reacts to this kidnapping

Author — 1


So they’re blaming a man because he got kidnapped? That’s dumb.

Edit: There’s a war going on in the reply section-

Author — one brappy boi


That guy pointing an rpg to the hostage when he’s 3 ft away.
Edit: nevermind I think he was actually going to help the guy escape by rocket riding him.

Author — Fine Art


Not his fault. He put himself at risk but that doesn't mean he deserved it like Wow.

Author — ekul


This dude really out here pointing a grenade launcher at the guy's head.

Author — Speedy Nabz


Why wasn't this story all over the news. This is so sad

Author — John Doe


What gives people the feeling of power?

Money: no
Popularity: no

Holding a rpg 2ft away from someone: Yes

Author — MeltingShibe


So what we have learned. If you get kidnapped, do not be an American.

Author — Makziimus


His pointing a rpg at him and like 1 meter close to him. If he shoots he would blow up himself and his squad

Author — sksjjsjsnbxb Jjjj


Imagine how horrific those 2 years and 8 months were. I can’t believe people on the internet saying those things about how it was “his fault”.
Without information the world would be blind. Journalists make sacrifices to make sure everyone can see what really happens.
He also said himself that the risk was hard to understand because the government kept hostage situations quiet.

Author — nick b


Even if this man lost 2 years of his life, he saved 26 more, a true hero sacrifices the time of themselves for the times of others.

Author — Thanos


“What he deserves”

No one deserves that..

Author — 80sgothic


The Somalians clearly aren't Man United fans

Author — KingDomofSkeough


It's disgusting that some people blame him.

Author — salmao finlandes


If he was wearing a Liverpool jersey they would’ve shot him on the spot

Author — Jack Fahy


"how I survived" --> Almost no details on how he dealt with the kidnappers or kept himself going, but lots of interviews with people saying how brave or stupid or bravely stupid he was.

Author — Chris Shawtacus


The ransom (money) should be used to buy some space for the guy with the rpg

Author — its okay


The Somalia pirates are not dumb. They turned friendly fire off

Author — Mobshot 25