How I Survived Being Kidnapped by Somali Pirates | Op-Docs

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How I Survived Being Kidnapped by Somali Pirates | Op-Docs 5
Reporting from conflict zones will always be dangerous. But where should journalists draw the line? And who pays the price when they take too many risks? In her Op-Doc, “From Journalist to Hostage,” director Sonia Kennebeck explores those questions at close range, through the story of a reporter who was held captive by Somali pirates for two and a half years. Many commentators have suggested that journalists like Michael Scott Moore have no business taking such risks — and shouldn’t expect sympathy or aid. But if reporters always steer clear of dangerous places, will important stories go untold?

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Not his fault. He put himself at risk but that doesn't mean he deserved it like Wow.

Author — ekul


The Somalians clearly aren't Man United fans

Author — KingDomofSkeough


The RPG was to flex . They ain’t stupid .

Author — Surge Vinooo


Has a hostage

Wants to blow up the entire squad with an RPG

Author — Joe mama


It's probably because he was wearing a United jersey

Author — Peile Donn


Terrible that they really blamed him for getting himself in this situation. We need to have more compassion.

Author — priscila ——


Hope he gets to live the rest of his life easy. Imagine surviving this? He better be protected & supported fully.

Author — 🇯🇲DJ Diva Dee🇬🇧


"You run, we shoot this RPG. We all die"

Author — Planarian 17


-200 IQ Somali pirate: *uses RPG*
*Friendly Fire will not be tolerated*

Author — Alex Mocchetti


That is true torture putting a man in a man United shirt. I'd need some serious therapy.

Author — Jamie Luke


at 1:17 that man is pointing a RPG at him from 3ft away

Author — 10k Subscribers With 0 Videos?


1% of comments: I’m so sorry for this guy, he’s been through a lot
99% of comments: lol he deserved it he was wearing a Man U jersey

Author — LIL_Tingler


I feel sorry for this journalist as Somali. He is my brother in humanity

Author — new soul


8:49 I just realized how blessed we are to have simple things we take for granted every day.

Author — Ⓙⓐⓢⓞⓝ Ⓜⓐⓣⓗⓤⓡⓐ


The guy holding the rpg 3 feet away from him is a bot

Author — N M


I'm pretty sure this guy was on JRE and talked about his experience for hours. His story was absolutely transfixing. If you're interested it's worth a listen.

Author — Evan Fields


The video doesn't really say how he survived being kidnapped, though. 95% of the video talks about matters related to his kidnapping, but not directly involved with the kidnapping.

Author — Tyler Aschen


ISIS: execute hostage by beheading

Somali pirates:

Executes hostage and his friends including himself by an RPG

Author — Adrio Febrian


Hes pointing a rocket launcher by him is he gonna rock it ride him?

Author — EL6GAMING sixG787


Normal pirates gotta be jealous of this Somali pirates with aka 47 and RPG xD

Author — Ayyub