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What do you see when you close your eyes?

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I wanted to make todays video because I find that whenever I ask you questions in my videos you're SO helpful at giving me answers! I'll definitely be eagerly reading all of your comments on this video. :)
Thank you all so much for the love and support you give me, I appreciate you more than you know. <3

Author — Molly Burke


Oh Molly. Every question is hard to answer because everything is SO detailed. In fact, I never realized how much I visually take for granted until now.
1. When we close our depends. It is probably similar to your vision. We have light perception when our eyes are closed. If you stare at a light and close your eyes you can see a neon shape of the light you had been stairing at. Wether it's a tv screen, lightbulb, etc.
2. Poors are visible all over your body. Depending on the person's genetics they may be more noticeable or they may be very hard to see. They are like tiny perfect circle brail but intead of being rissen they are indents. When you get goosebumps from being cold, those are your poors puckering up I think lol. I can see then on my 6 month old baby.
3. I would say if you want to be general, your eyes are blue. In detail starting from the center, it looks like a small black hole covered in carmel exploded into a light crystal clear bluish grey pool of water with a dark blue thin rim.
4. In my opinion very very icy light blue or light green eyes are the most attractive to look at. Or light golden brown.
5. Most eyes have multiple colors/shades.
6.idk about maroon or burgundy, sorry!
7. Depending on the color of something you can tell if it is wet because it will look darker. If you spill water on a grey shirt, the wet spot will look a darker shade of grey than the rest.
8. A dogs nose will look shiny if it's wet, like water, and matte/no shine if it's dry.
9. I only use my eyes to dig in my purse if I keep accidentally keep pulling out the wrong object that feels similar to what I'm looking for. Like mascara, lip gloss, pen, eyeliner, etc.
10. Typing, I think that depends on if the school you went to had a typing/computer class. If you don't use a keyboard often enough, you might forget where something on it is.
11.Most popular pen color is black. Most schools, businesses, legal documents need to be filled out in black or blue (navy) pen.
12. Pencils lead is shiny dark grey/silver.
13. Stars. My long distance vision is bad so I actually saw them clearly for the first time last year. They look like someone poked a bunch of holes of similar but not exact size in a pitch black wall and the room behind it is pure white with a light on. The sky looks lighter around the moon. You can see clouds at night too sometimes.
14. Freckles are like snowflakes, no 2 are the same. You can have different shades of brown freckles, black freckles, tan freckles, or orange freckles. It depends on what skin color and hair color you are. Redheads have orange freckles, yours are probably a light brown. Redheads generally have a lot of freckles but I'm a redhead and mine aren't noticeable at all. Freckles are like matte face sparkles of different sizes without clean edges. Then are usually dusted across the bridge of the nose and cheeks, shoulders, chest, forehead, or everywhere depending on the person. I'd say maybe 30-40% of people have freckles, if not more. Hard to tell when makeup often covers them.
15. Driving can be stressful. You really just get used to it after years of practice and experience. Your brain starts to just do everything automatically from muscle memory I suppose. It starts scary but then becomes as natural as eating.
16. Just how not having perfect sight or any sight is what's natural or the norm for you, seeing is for the sighted. It's not something we think about, it just is. Just like when you hear pleasing sounds or songs or maybe scary ones, the things we see invoke those feelings in us as well.

I think that's every question 😊

Author — Sarah Claire


No hate, but I don’t think being blind and having a cactus is a good idea

Author — ohwell


It's so frustrating to watch this bc I can't answer right back to her in real time, and given that it's such an old video she's never gonna see it :(

Author — Victoria Kelley


I'm not blind, but I am short-sighted. And until I put my first pair of glasses on, I thought that the trees were *supposed* to look a little fuzzy and not crisp and detailed, and you couldn't see the leaves individually. 😂

Edit: woah, that’s a lot of likes! O-o

Author — Evest


Eyes sometimes look different depending on the day, So yours might actually look different based on the light or what you wear. . Overall, your eyes are a mix of green, light blue and stormy grey.

Author — Karen Da Manager


Dry: yes exactly, dry looks matte and wet looks shiny.

Author — Meebles Sporella


What color are your eyes: I can't tell you either, because they have such a beautiful unique color ! Never seen it before. Greyish, blueish, with a slight yellow touch around your pupils. So special !

Author — Halle Bay


"Doesnt your beain get tired?" HELL YES

Author — Ariane F


Omg I never thought about the purse thing

Author — billie xoxo


I tried answering as many questions as possible! I really enjoyed this video!!!

When I close my eyes, I see black but when I face the light I see white and red ish all mixed up but it's very soft and not vivid and hard.

Pores are everywhere but more prevalent on the face. I can see them best on the backs of my hands, my legs, and my face. Pores are tiny pin pricks but they're super tiny and you cant really see them unless you look closely. They are even more visible on your nose and under eyes.

Your eyes are stormy grey with hints of blue, with a slight green blue around the center. I would describe them as simply grey. Some eye colors are solid but most of them are a mix of different colors or shades of the same color.

Beets are a reddish purple but i couldn't tell you the difference between maroon burgundy 😂 That one is difficult even for me, a sighted person.

Liquid appears like a small shiny layer over something and dry looks matte and sometimes rough while wet is smooth.

I don't use my eyes to type because I've practiced so much in writing.

Most common pen color: black for me but blue is the cheap kind you find at banks and doctor's offices.

Pencils are a dark grey typically and the led has a slightly silver shine over top the grey.

Stars are white shiny spots in the sky but it's more like sequins sewn onto deep navy blue silk than glitter.

Freckles are little brown spots like paint flicks on someone's face. It's less of a splotchy look and more of a bunch of polka dots on your skin, varying in size.

Driving as a sighted person is so hard! It takes so much concentration. You have to watch things constantly as well as your speed and make sure you're lined up and if I could I would choose the guide dog over driving.

Having sight, there's a lot to take in but most people get used to overlooking details so that you don't have to concentrate on so much at once. Kind of like when listening to one conversation in a room full of a billion conversations, where you only focus on the information you need rather than all the information around you.

I hope that was a good description, I'm sighted so I'm not 100% sure how to explain things correctly to a blind person. This was really fun and I really enjoyed this video and trying to answer the questions!

Author — Emily B


Wet is like reflective and shiny. Dry is often times cracked and textured

Author — melinda


When I work on machinery, reaching in tight spaces, I do close my eyes alot to, ironically, help me visualize what my figures are feeling.

Author — PocketChange


If something is wet it is usually shiny, dry is usually dull or matte

Author — Carly Marisa


Yes, you got it right . wet looks shiny and dry looks matt😍☁

Author — Tara D


“The idea of driving seems so scary to me” few years later, with Shane: BLIND GIRL DRIVES MY JEEP!

Author — Disneyfanatic 123


driving is easy. Once you get used to it, it becomes an extension of yourself. kind of like your cane.

Author — Cory Andersen


16: that's why people sleep in-to let their brain rest longer

Hope I could help you understand better 🐝

Author — Lillian Crooms


When I close my eyes I see black, after a long time I start imagining stuff and that is like a dream or something

Author — Sarah Maier


1. When I close my eyes, it is darker with many dark colors all mixed together, but I still have light perception if the light is bright enough. Like, I can tell when my eyes are closed if I am looking out a window. Also, the brighter it is when our eyes are closed, the darkness almost brightens.
2. Pores do look like tiny black dots all along our noses and other parts of our face. They are all over our body, but we mostly just see them on our face. Some pores are more visible if they are bigger which is why you can see some pores and not others.
3. Your eyes are a type of hazel I think. You have a goldish brown ring around the pupil, and it is a bluish gray around that. You have beautiful eyes! I personally like green and hazel eyes. Eyes can have multiple colors in them. Mine do and so do yours.
4. Burgandy is more of a deeper red while maroon is dark red with a dark pink purple tone to it.
5. Beets are maroon.
6. If something is wet, it looks darker and heavier. I don't know if Gallop's nose is wet by sight because I don't have a dog so I would not know. I'm sorry!
7. I think we use our eyes for so much because it's one of our stronger senses that we depend on for so many things. I think to some sighted people, looking may be easier because our eyesight is so readily available to us.
8. I'd say the most common pen color is blue or black, but they come in a variety of colors like red, purple, pink, green, etc. Grey is not a pen color. Pencil led is grey and kind of silver.
9. Stars are, from what we can see on earth, little spots of light that fill up the sky when it is dark. Sometimes, a star will fly across the night sky and that is called a shooting star!
10. Freckels are small brown dots that can appear anywhere on your body and face. Everyone has freckles, but a lot of them in one area is more rare I think. Also, the brown color can be any type of brown from light to dark.
11. We stay focused when we drive because we need to in order to not crash. We don't think about anything because we are too busy paying attention to the road and where we are going. We can't afford to get distracted because our lives are on the line. I think driving is just like second nature to us.

I really hope this helped. 😁😁❤❤

Author — Smart Hydra