The new Porsche Taycan is coming to Gran Turismo Sport

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The new Porsche Taycan is coming to Gran Turismo Sport 5
Feel the sheer suspense as you imagine yourself in the driver’s seat of the Taycan Turbo S, long open track ahead, 761 hp of Overboost Power at your disposal. This Gran Turismo update for PlayStation arrives in October and comes complimentary for all Gran Turismo owners.
Taycan Turbo S: Electricity consumption combined: 26,9 kwh/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km

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Can we get the carrera GT on there as well @porsche

Автор — Angel Perez


First Microsoft with the Xbox One, now Sony with the PS4. Porsche really knows how to please gamers.



I remember when they made the mistake of giving EA exclusive license and you could only see porsches in need for speed good to see they learned from the mistake, Need for speed porsche unleashed was an amazing game BTW

Автор — Caoimhín


Remove the gran turismo logos and ask any stranger who doesnt play the game if this is irl footage and theres a very high chance they will say yes.

Автор — jargon 2130


Gt sport is like real life very beautiful graphics

Автор — E-B-M-M R-L


Thanks to Gran Turismo for all Porsche cars (specially the Type 956, 911 turbo, and now The Taycan!!!) But if it isn't much asking...we are in desperate need of the Type 917, 959, 911 GT1, Carrera GT, and 918.
Thanks again for the amazing collaboration with Gran Turismo.

Автор — Joschka Fischer


Since I can’t afford to buy the Taycan Turbo, at least I can drive it GT Sport

Автор — Danny 200MPH


Yes perfect! Now it will be my favorite car of the game! 😍😍⚡⚡

Автор — orl3on


I wanna 918 spyder come to GT Sport too ToT

Автор — 郑凯


We've already had the Pfister Neon in GTA Online for a couple of years now.

Автор — SparingDonkey 30


And we will get this a year from now in whatever Forza game is fresh then

Автор — Leaf Closson


Hopefully this is part of a Porsche intensive update for next month 😋😋🥵

Автор — J. Ale


TESLA is faster & has better battery colling systems, and its safer, and longer range... yeah.. but Tesla

Автор — MyGreeed


They have the sound of Taycan!!! I am sold 🤩

Автор — Shubham Trivedi



Porsche Taycan Turbo S is Gr.X

Автор — TheRsod 1997


give me one porsche and you see this in my game xd

Автор — MichaelScOke


If we could get this beast in FH4 that would be cool

Автор — anis miraoui


When u cant hear the exhaust or engine but can hear the tires screeching across nurburgring 👀

Автор — I M


The front kind of looks like Vencer Sarthe

Автор — roaringpeak98


Now finally we can play more racing games knowing the cars don't pollute.

Автор — Ciprian Costin