How to Make ANY Girl Fall in Love with You FAST!

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How to Make ANY Girl Fall in Love with You FAST! 4.5

Gentlemen, today we’re showing you EXACTLY how to make a girl fall in love with you... FAST! 10 ways to get any girl to fall in love with you fast.

If you been with Mantelligence Dating for a while, you know how to get a girl to like you. You know every trick to get a girl to talk to, to let you talk to her, and how to get her attention.

...But today we’re not talkin’ about how to get a girl to like you, we’re showing you how to kick things up a notch and get her to love you.

And the best part?

These tricks will work if you want to know how to get a girl to fall in love with you again... in school... over text... instantly... or in just about any other context/situation you can think of.

Is there a bonus tricks in this vid?

Yup. Since we all make mistakes from time to time... we’re also sharing the #1 thing you can do that will turn her feelings of love in to feelings of disgust.


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And this is why the fbi doesn't have a girlfriend

Author — FBI ❶


I made her laugh everytime when i am with her

Now i am in friend zone

Author — harshit s


Boys, this doesn't work with teens :-)
They only care for looks.

Edit (1 year later lol): yes, I forgot to say that this doesn’t apply to all girls however it does to most and I’m sure of it! And honestly it’s normal, same goes for most boys honestly haha (except for the ones watching this apparently)

Author — Mousy.


I’m good I’ll just stick with my right hand for now

Author — Explode


Don't make a girl fall in love with you, if you are not prepared to love her back.

Author — Amer J


Fisherman don't get advises from fish.

Author — In Dying Lights


Well in my village in Africa all i have i to do is “who is your mother who is your father i have 3 goats and 2 cows in exchange for you “ .. simple life 🤷🏽‍♂️

Author — Jim Beaubrun


10 get busy, become the man u always wanted to be

9 know yourself, have direction, know why u are like u are

8 be gentle, sweet, caring, loving

7 speak ur mind

6 get invited to parties, have a good time together, be fun, laughter releases dopamine, tell jokes

5 take a break, back off sometimes, be unavailable, stay busy

4 dont be a suck (negative person). Look on the bright side of life

3 get in good, contact with the ones she is in contact with: friends, family

2 resist the urge, distractions, stay focussed when u talk to her, listen to her, attentive

1 pepaire for take off, physicall touch, start slow.

Dont sent many photos of ur face.

Author — Micha Vlijmen, van


*watches video
"I'ma do this to make her love me"
*Actually hides in the shadows and cries over her*

Author — Vinylguy1327 productions 2019


I have hit a all time low by watching this

Author — Jackson M


I'm a girl, I'm just here so how the boys do be doing

Author — reine barakat


10. Get Busy
9. Know Thyself
8. Be Gentle Ieri
7. Speaker Your Mind
6. Be' Funny
5. Take a Break
4. Don't Be' Negative (FUN!!!)
3. Get Good
2. Resist The Urge
1. Prepare ti Takeoff

Author — Frankie Squalo


Me: I’ve had a relationship with a girl
Mom: No, no, no, you only 10 years old!

Me: I’ve had a relationship with a girl
Mom: No, no, no, you only 14 years old. You don't know what is love.

Me: I’ve had a relationship with a girl
Mom: No, no, no, you only 17 years old, you have to be busier on your school works.

Me: I’ve had a relationship with a girl
Mom: Emmmm... You are 20 years old now, when did you start the relationship with that girl?
Me: About ten years ago.

Author — Tien-Rwei Hou


If I gone through some hard times
without getting any support of a girlfriend, and if I now reach the succes and become succesful why do I need still a 'girlfriend' if they were not with me in my though times? Why do I still need them? Why do women crave attention from succesful men? Why can't woman make a man succesful? Why are women in our 'good times' but not in 'bad times'? Whats the purpose? Or is it only about sex? Or do women of nowadays use our succesful men for their own benefit? Whats going on?

Author — the Bulgarian Turcoman


Remember guys girls are also watching this video 😂

Author — Tamil selvan



If that girl doesn’t want to give you a chance, quit wasting your time tryna get with her and spend time with girls who will.
She’s a waste of time, not the one that got away.

Author — Bart Simpson


Taking your girl to parties can be a bad idea. You might end up single...

Author — Teebz Msimanga


I funnily enough had a "gentle jerk" just before I watched this.

Author — Arthur Thompson


This moment when you’re the only girl here

Author — Akira Sunhunter


Me: *studies*
Some girl: HEY NERD!
Me: *Throws books at her* hi welcome to McDonald’s how can I help you?*

Author — Crimson