Tsunami in Kesennuma city, ascending the Okawa river

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Tsunami in Kesennuma city, ascending the Okawa river 4.5

The 311 tsunami in Kesennuma city in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

In this video, you can see how the tsunami first ascends the Okawa river in Kesennuma city, and then spills over the embankment, flooding the town. Debris and buildings nearer to the harbor are carried further inlands.
The mouth of the river is nearly two kilometres away from the location from which the video was shot.

00:10 - The tsunami's wave trough, which was arriving first, has drained the river
01:45 - The tsunami's first wave is appearing and steadily ascending the river, probably a couple of metres high
05:00 - While the wand of water rushes by, smoke appears over the harbor - the tsunami's moving inland by now
05:45 - The water is rising steadily and the people recognize the danger. A police or civil defense man urges all people to evacuate to the school building behind because the tsunami has overcome the harbor's seawalls. He keeps warning the community using a loudspeaker
07:00 - The cameraman enters the school's emergency staircase just in time. While still climbing, the water behind him overcomes the river's embankment and flows onto the school grounds
08:15 - A large wave of debris can be seen approaching from the harbor, simultaneously, the tsunami smashes the passenger bridge next to the school to pieces
09:30 - Large debris, buildings and such arrive at the school. The flooding intensifies. During the next ten minutes, the school ground is flooded with debris and water.
19:15 - The tsunami stops and starts receding. The following shots are filmed at different times and show the large fire which further devastated the harbor and more (but considerably smaller) waves coming in, hours after the first (since it's nearly dark by then).

I didn't shoot this video, it was shot by Mr. Kenichi Kurakami.

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I’m Japanese.I was 8 years old then.
I lived in Tochigi Prefecture where was near from Tohoku area(area in this video).
When I arrived at my house the earthquake happened.
My house and my family’s farms were broken by the big earthquake in an instant.Then our family had to move.

Now I’m 17 years old. My house and my family’s farms had rebuilt.But I have never forget 3.11.
We mustn’t forget about that day’s tragedy.
There's been a lot of earthquakes lately in Japan.
I’m scared of Tokyo Metropolitan Earthquake and Nankai Trough earthquake.
We are fighting COVID-19 around the world now
but I think Japanese people also have to prepare for the earthquake…🤔
Sorry for my bad English😂
I’m a high school student.
I want to try to improve Speaking English…😔

Author — 水野咲楽


A força que as águas chegaram... Eu já estava a caminho do prédio mais alto da região, ou pra montanha!

Author — Drew Marcks


Deus tenha misericórdia deles, apesar deles não terem com o mar.

Author — Jane Sena


это из разряда-"а не хотите ли там поселиться"...

Author — TheVarfolomey


😢😢😢meu deus fico muito triste por vocês. tá pior do que cenário de filme

Author — Ezequias Sousa


Not one single person was screaming or crying do you notice that? Japanese culture is calm and respectful about nature knowing there is nothing to do, respect for them!

Author — RAF M1


Бедные японцы, переселяйтесь к нам в Сибирь, у нас хорошо, президент отличный и минус 50 зимой.

Author — Kolja Aljabiew


O homem quer estar acima de DEUS ...mas não tem o poder de aplacar a força da natureza divina...

Author — Heliana Leite


At 19:35 is that a person in the water? It got cut off I think after that

Author — amiraandthechingoos


дома надо норм строить... из железобетона с расчётом на такие случаи.

Author — Aleks ola


É a fúria da natureza provocada pelo ser humano!!! Muito triste 😢

Author — Sandra Croce


This is so scary. Just horrifying. I can't imagine what it was like. Watching a video doesn't do it justice. People were standing at the walkway alongside the river as the wave arrived. They probably never dreamed that the swell would be so huge that it would flood like this.

Author — Jamie Braswell


Fires of hell. Can’t believe bridge still was standing

Author — Maria Sussman



Author — doru


Chegando a hora da VERDADE, no Mundo todo .Quem estiver de pé na Fé, cuida não cair. Quem estiver no Lamaçal, se mele, lambuze mais ainda. Deus havia dito, que haveria pior ainda, do que Sodoma e Gomorra .

Author — iryssol


Astagfirullah...semoga sunami tak pernah terjadi lagi..
Terimakasih yg telah mengunggah video ini jadi tau bukan cuma cerita begitu dahsyat nya sunami

Author — Wulan Azahra


Três elementos fortes!, água vento e fogo

Author — Deborah Ribeiro


Наверно так же выглядел библейский великий потоп, только вода не остановилась пока не покрыла верхушки самых высоких гор.

Author — Ирина Вл


It would be interesting to see how everything looks at almost 10 yrs later.

Author — Margaret TheFrogMother


I pray they have recovered from this disaster 🙏🙏🙏

Author — Lady Nelly Toluwani