Sire Larry Carlton S7 3TS Unboxing & First Impressions

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 months ago

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💬 Comments

Very nice, sounds great. Proves what I think about fender, over rated and over priced. I recon you've got a keeper there John, ticks all the right boxes for me... apart from the glossy fret board😞

Author — Stu


Nice video, thanks. The differences under the volume knob could be due to the fact that the guitar is equipped with a treble bleed circuit. I personally find this pleasant, but some prefer to remove the thing, which is btw easy to remove. The guitar manages to surprise me every time with its sound possibilities. Which, and I didn't expect that, rise above my Fender. (USA) The sound of the Sire is, so the speak, also even a bit more "Fender-like".

Author — Ben Birdsinging


I really rate these guitars, i have the S7 in the flame blue, i was blown away with the finish, and quality, it sound great, and is versatile, great purchase John, hope you enjoy it, they are a bargain at the price.

Author — Billy Guitarguy


Great looking and sounding S style guitar with a better spec and neck than the Fender
Player series.
This is not a brand that i am familiar with, but the next time i am looking for this style
of guitar it will be at the top of my wish list.
Thanks for your first impressions John.

Author — Allan Pape


Ooooh, that's a gorgeous tone right there, in all positions, clean and with a wee bit dirt, John. Very classy looking guitar as well - I love the simple, no nonsense, lines and overall look - I'm impressed with this one.

Author — Peter Shields


Sounded good John. Nice features for a guitar in that price range. I'm a big fan of roasted maple necks. I haven't seen many on Reverb here in the U.S. Perhaps one day...

Author — Joe McCarthy


Nice 1 John! The neck looks beautiful and if it plays and feels nearly as good it must be awesome, tho not a fan of the would be interesting if you compared it to another superstrat such as one of the other candidates you had in the previous poll, maybe put it up against a Harley Benton Fusion HSH (I am currently having an affair with mine, tho I think I still slightly prefer the TE-90 FLT). Cheers!

P.S.: I came for the box, but stayed for the guitar...

Author — Jeronimo Martinez Fabregas


Great intro to this guitar. Can't wait for the full review. Thnx John

Author — Chip Young


All the pickup combo's sounded so different and thats not always the case. I liked that.

Author — John


Oh what a cracking guitar, looks and sounds great, this blows the Players series away,

Author — Canadian in the UK


What a treat! I love seeing guitars coming out of boxes for some weird reason!
Have you ever played a Levinson Blade John?

Author — Andy Kenny


I have the S7 & the L7 model. I prefer the S7 better. The neck feels and plays fantastic. Its a solid guitar for $600 bucks.

Author — RogueDogg Mac


Great review John. Hope they do lefties. Re the volume taper I wonder if it has a treble bleed circuit in there. I have a couple of guitars that do the same. I usually change them to 50s wiring which seems to suit me better. Thanks for all the contents.

Author — Jeff RoQ


Had a '72 Strat many moons ago with a lacquered maple fretboard which I loved... until the lacquer started wearing and getting patchy. Which made bending strings interesting, to say the least.

Author — Milkshakespeare


Had one and really liked it, despite the fact that it arrived with corroded strings, (as did the 335 clone that I had). Played it for a few hours and was fairly satisfied, until I picked up my Harley Benton TE52 which, for me, is a better guitar despite mismatched tuners, stock pickups and it weighing enough to cause permanent neck damage. So, it went back, as did the other 8 guitars I've had through my hands over the past couple of months trying to find a replacement for the bloody TE52. And the search goes on, (so if anyone has any suggestions for a "guitar for life" I would be happy to read them!)

Author — Tom Griffiths


Looks good, tastes good, and by golly it does you good 😁
YouTube ain't much to go on for critical listening, but from what I can hear that is one sweet guitar.
When the poll was running I confess I was hoping the Harley B would come out top as I'd love to hear your views on yet another Fusion pro, but I think the public had it right - Sire might cop a few extra sales as a result of this. Cheers John.

Author — Lex Luthier


Hi. Did you have any special settings on the amp when you played this? Sounded great.

Author — F Cobb


Wow, that guitar sounds fantastic !
HNGD, John !

Author — Ray Torvalds


Looks great, sounds good, one master tone, no string trees: better than a Strat'.
Wonder what the neck profile is like.

Author — Leo of Red Keep


You need to check out the schecter pt special. What a damn beautiful tele that is.

Author — alien Grey