Putin delivers annual address to Russia’s Federal Assembly

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Putin delivers annual address to Russia’s Federal Assembly 4.5

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly in Moscow. The speech was addressed to both houses of the Russian Parliament, members of the government, as well as other officials and public figures.

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Putin is crafting a very detailed 5-10 year plan for Russia, he is taking Russia rapidly into the future and that is what makes him so respected/admired by the Russian People and the People of the World because of his determination and kind/caring heart that he has when executing his duties.

Author — LVPN 1


wow, What a speech. This is a great man. I'm impressed and I always liked him to begin with . Bravo.

Author — Viking


What I am not sure about yet, is if Russia and China are in on the globalist race. If Russia stands alone - except for economical agreements and cooperation, I am sure that Putin is doing a tremendously good job for Russia. You couldn't have wished for a better leader than him. I wish the Russian people all the best. I like them. They are good, honest people. And if humanity had been collectively wiser at this point in time, we could have been very good friends with our neigbors in the east. It could have been a win - win situation for everyone. I hope that the destructive powers of the world will be taken down fast and effectively, and I hope that I will live to see that happen. Thank you Putin for what you have done for Russia in very difficult times for your country, but I also thank you for your efforts to maintain global stability and security in this age of chaos and aggression.
Thank you.

Author — Annie


Mr President Putin, can You run the whole Europe as President of this falling apart continent? We need Your help.

Author — Polak King


I'm from England 🇬🇧
I was going to ask if Russia 🇷🇺 had a Social System to protect families and vulnerable and or disabled people on low or no incomes. It seems they do and those payments will be increasing. Good for you Mr Putin. 👍
The time is coming when a Universal Living Allowence should be introduced to protect people as technology takes over more mundane jobs. People receiving these benefits can be retrained in skills that reflect the ever evolving modern world. ✌️

Author — Brian Jones


Great leader...huge salute and नमस्ते to Mr President Putin.🙋‍♂️

Author — Dogapart


Putin made five key points: boosting population growth; scientific & technical advancement in civil & military areas, revolving around artificial intelligence; green oriented agriculture for self sufficiency; countering any post-INF agreement challenges; & national unity via a strong economy & material support for minorities. This is a manifesto for the POST-INF RUSSIA.

Author — B B


I do like to watch and learn from smart person like president Putin. It makes me a better person.

Author — Alex Bajan


Тhe noble people of Russian Federation should be proud to have Mr. Putin as the country president because he is
truly caring about the military, education of students, retired and poor people and children in particular. May God bless
the people of Russian Federation. Love from the people of Serbia.

Author — miro mark


Amazing ! Russia putin the defenders / defender of humanity and human values unlike the west i love the fact that you have natural foods ! But can some one pass on a message to putin / Russia please 5g is not healthy or good for humans could you please look into it maybe you guys are going to do 5g differently but in the west it seems very dangerous and anti human

Author — bitbatbutttiktaktuk


Respect from Canada. I look forward to the day when our nations are closer friends.

Author — EveryChevyChase


I don't agree with the weapons expenditure but they have been provoked by the US.

Author — hsm_presents


Great speech, those 70 dislikes are sad CIA trolls

Author — Jasper J


I find his desire for peace through patience noble. His progress with the STEM program & supporting women through education have won my respect.

Author — Amy Jean


I admire Putin, just as much as any of those who posted their comments below. Some of them, would like him to be the President of all Europe. Some, would like him to be the President of the
Why? Simply, because of the admirable qualities of his character, and sincerity that seems to be emanating from what he says and his conduct. Everybody can see, that he is an honest, just, sincere, religious, man of peace, caring for all of Russian people, constantly and tirelessly, working to improve the standard of living of his peopl, e despite all the severe economic sanctions imposed on Russia by the despicable forces of EVIL represented by USA, England, Germany, France, and and other American puppets.
That's why everyone of us, would like every country, to have the leader like him, and we would like Putin to rule over the whole, united and peaceful Europe and even the whole world....
But Putin is also a humble man, and I am sure, that if he was offered such power, he would politely refuse. Putin, as he said many times, is not craving power and any accolade and admiration. He just wants to do his best for the good of all his people.
Russia doesn't want to dominate the world or subjugate other countries like US is doing it all the time, and is still, openly plotting to invade and rob Venezuela, Iran...
The purpose of all aggressive wars is nothing else, but robbery and pillage. That's why Napoleon invaded Russia. Then it was Hitler who invaded Russia. The reason was always the same -- to rob the Russian people of their land, natural resources, occupy and enslave the people.
This days, USA is continually plotting aggression against Russia for the same reason.... Very sad reality....

Author — jerzy chroscicki


PBS is funded in whole or in part by the U.S.A. government.

Author — Gary Donoyan


For those who post negative comments: If you lived in the US....you would quickly learn to appreciate and respect Putin and be thankful you are Russian!

Author — Robert burwell


What a pleasure to listen to this spesch on the pains the Russian government taking on behalf of their citizens...I would say, outside unpredictable outside forces with their constant badgering a good platform for productive happy healthy future is bring established.
The Russian people very well represented
.. I am delighted
May God continue
to bless you all 🙏

Author — Shannon Lee


God bless you, God loves, may you prosper & be in good health. All of you!!!

Author — Crowned One


You never hear the US talking like this, especially Trump, any improvements to people's lives in the US, is considered as utopian socialism. The improvements he is talking about will provide stability and confidence for investments from Europe and other countries, which has already started.

Author — Bob Ramsay