Silent Film - The Man And The Thief

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Silent Film - The Man And The Thief 4

Director: Joel Plunkett
Producer: David McDonald
Camera Operators: Freya McOmish & Steven Lawler
Editor: Joel Plunkett

The Man and the Thief is a short film made in my first semester at Sae, Sydney.

All songs used within the film do not belong to me and their rights are reserved to their respective owners. Enjoy :)

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you stole 5 minutes of my life !!! i want them back

Author — David Copperfield


moral of the story is, don't trust beautiful women.

Author — Gaurav Agawne


Moral: don’t trust women who run in heels.

Author — LALI 1080


Because of people like her makes it hard for other people to trust in each other. I help a boy he was walking in the rain and I felt bad and ask him if he needed a ride he said yes and he was real kind about it when I drop him off by the store I got mugged by him and his little drug friends took my watch, wallet, phone, and car I reported it to the police and they caught them a month later. I got my car back but nothing els. It's because of people like them I don't help anyone out no more. I use to help a lot of people out but they change my life and now I just worry about my self and family.

Author — NoGain NoPain


okay before the ending I thought when she hugged him it was adorable XD

Author — Skippyfox


Plot twist: She opens his wallet and finds only a note with "Thanks for the cash. Yours truly, The Book Reader and his accomplice, The Thief".

Author — SnoopyDoo



she gave him a big bamboo

don't help any unknown girls :P

Author — Adnaan shah


So they decide to put that inspiring exciting music when she's waiting, but it's silent when the guy is running after the thief?

Author — BarknoorZ


Most people like me would have imagined the boy to be the thief although the title is quite explicit. Shows what stereotypes we carry about men being evil minded and pretty girls being straight laced until the end of course. Nice one!.

Author — Shekar. Rangarajan.


this video does not means that we should not help people.
we should help but be careful

Author — bhaskar Rao


Don't worry Karma will hit back in ways you can't even imagine

Author — MyChannel


That was stupid and everyone involved with this should be banned from YouTube.

Author — Dave Walker


And don’t even dare to trust if she’s wearing a skirt!! 😂😂

Author — TIlak Sevak


what was the point of that? dont do nice things for people?

Author — Carter Sheehan


If I had been the guy I would have asked for her number

Author — Mr DW


at first sight when I saw her, I said to myself, "if I meet her, I do as her to marry me straight away", she so pretty, but after I saw the whole video, I said shame on me, Don't judge a book by its cover

Author — Mr Bond James Bond


Maybe we could think this way: she stole his wallet in order to know him by having his id?

Author — Can Wang


I wont mind few bucks for such hug! ;)

Sharu Listening? :)

Author — Nick 111


This short movie inspire us to never ever help anybody in this situation. changed our mind .



Gosh this was so formulaic. I knew she was the thief in 1.3 seconds

Author — swellingsuperman