Get U.S. dollar exposure to prepare for coming economic pain: David Rosenberg

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Get U.S. dollar exposure to prepare for coming economic pain: David Rosenberg 4.5

David Rosenberg thinks the U.S. is already in recession, but doesn't believe investors should flee from the greenback. For more on this, BNN Bloomberg spoke with David Rosenberg, chief economist and strategist at Gluskin Sheff + Associates.

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Inflate, inflate, inflate don’t you mean rob, rob, rob .

Author — Malibu 340


I usually agree with most of what David says but loading up on the dollar when rates are about to get slashed?! C’mon man.

Author — K C


nice try buddy, Solomon choose gold, i choose gold.

Author — Raymond


I’m loading up alright on gold silver ammo much more

Author — Scot Mile


hyperinflation - this th eonly way how you can steal money from hard working class.

Author — margareta tola


Wow Bloomberg did you pay this clown 0 nope -1% and nobody gonna put up w that! 100 year bonds? People say crypto is a scam!

Author — Gerald Votta


USA keep printing it
We know u will never pay it back

Author — Tom Tapp


The US dollar IS THE PROBLEM it’s been printed to oblivion and now worthless

Author — Ascanius


People have yet to learn that QE does not create standard inflation because the money is held in assets (stocks / bonds) that don't produce any inflation except in those assets. However, it does make the people rich who own stocks and bonds.

So they should call it what it is: QE is helicopter money only for the financial asset owners.

Author — Devin Forbes


You’re wrong. Get some gold, bro. The US dollar will join all the other fiat currencies in the dustbin of history.

Author — FireflyJack


Thank you for this informative analysis

Author — msjoanofthearc


The global markets and economies are imploding with currencies and debt coupled with 45 trade wars and treasonous policies will crash all global markets

The facts remain we are already in a recession pending hyperinflation

Author — American Dog


This guy is living in the past and his economics is backward. Truth is that countries are dumping the US dollar and moving to gold standard again? There is a theory about currency reset where the old US dollar will be devalued. The interim form of exchange will be crypto currency and that’s where the change will be? If he don’t see it coming ask Facebook and google where they are creating their own. It’s a big change that’s coming. The Canadian bank of Canada is vulnerable because it sold off its gold reserves and with high consumer debt Canada is in a shaky place

Author — CURTIS M


hell yeah bring on the inflation. I have debt to pay off

Author — Johnny Schmegma


Block chain mortar brick funny financial sauce catch up

Author — Carolina QUANONNE


The US dollar may go higher for a while then it will collapse and gold will rocket

Author — Christianity Boxing Mafia


All "money" are IOU's. Simply barter notes.
They have no intrinsic value except the "faith" one has
that you can trade a "5" for some quality of product, produce or service.

Author — Dak Kol


listen to nothing here at all! this guy said we need to inflate the bubble more and to store more cash on hand. how did this guy even get an interview



An acute shortage of dollars?? With the hyper printing and the rest of the world dumping them I'm afraid we are going to be swimming in useless dollars soon. Are these guys trying to doop the sheeple or what?.?.?

Author — Michael Sinaloense


gold n bitcoin are the deal in the next 3 years

Author — António Bastos