Backgrounds for Your Video: a Guide to Building a Home Studio

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Backgrounds for Your Video: a Guide to Building a Home Studio 5

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1. Backdrops
There are so many ways to use photography backdrops for video shooting! Vinyl backdrops, seamless background paper, painted wall, or even a piece of fabric - they all can be utilized for your YouTube videos. We use a few backdrop paper rolls, and we’ve tried a fabric backdrop and a non-woven studio backdrop. The rolls are attached to the backdrop lift system. But if you’re not planning to change your backdrops very often, you can use a crossbar to hang them. But don’t stand too close to your background while recording a video! It simply gives unwanted shadows.

2. Using a green screen
If there’s no room that satisfies your aesthetic feeling, how about using a green screen that can be replaced with any other video background that suits your needs best? Frankly, we took the idea from Maddox so it’s not new, but it works. It’s really easy to buy green screen paint, chromakey fabric, or green backdrop, remove it with chroma key software while editing and - that’s it! You’re where you want to be :)

3. Studio shooting
We’re constantly experimenting with adding little details in the picture. And if you find a painted wall to be quite boring (and you apparently need to build a home video studio), feel free to put some paintings, potted plants, and trinkets into the frame ‘cuz all these little things make the space look cozier. Isn't that perfect for filming at home? Among them, you can even hide a couple of easter eggs for your subscribers. If you have the opportunity to set your camera so that the corner of the room is observed, go for it!

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