Diamond & Silk: CNN’s Jim Acosta is the enemy of the people

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Diamond & Silk: CNN’s Jim Acosta is the enemy of the people 4.5
Social media stars Diamond & Silk discuss the intense exchange between CNN’s Jim Acosta and President Trump.

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A rejection of Acosta is not an attack on the press. It is an attack on a puffed up and fake journilist

Author — joseph bendzinski


I didn't see CNN defending InfoWars as part of the free press.

Author — Conservatism is Counterculture


The president truly showed a fathers heart, he could handle the shameful and childish pundits, but when Acosta wrestled with the female inturn ( where are all the feminists speaking up at that outrageous and cowardice act) He had enough! his seeing not only that stupidness but remembering all the garbage that Sarah has had to endure with these band of fools he gave him the spanking he had deserved for quite some time. They better all behave too when the president gets back daddy just may pass out some more much deserved and belated spankings.

Author — Brian Hale



Author — Eddie Cuellar


Acosta wants a Nike deal and to be the news version of Colin kapernic lol

Author — BIG FRED 09


Appology isn't owed. Jim Acosta was being rude, hogging the microphone, would not give it up. He cheated time from others who wanted to ask questions. Anyone who can't be civil should be tossed out.



Diamond and Silk are pretty women and I hope to meet them.

Thank God for patriots that stand for more than just money factors!!

Author — Jabbar JD1415


This is about Lou Dobbs . I remember Lou having his own show on CNN , 'Lou Dobbs Tonight ' i believe it was called, back in the day's when it wasn't run by liberal communists who are the new democrats . Lou has been doing this information thing for a long time and he had both the intelligence and the foresight to see the way that CNN was heading . Lou got out of CNN at the right time . I was so glad to see him again on Fox as i thought that he had packed the gig in. Perceptive, intelligent, patriotic and just a nice man , this is Lou Dobbs . I have much respect for Lou

Author — Tony


Acosta is Not A Journalist he is a opinion Hack and Loves to create controversy as he stesls the show from the other real journalist
Hope he doesn't come back to the presd corp. For a long time

Author — U4Eye


rightfully kicked out of the white house and lost his press pass .

Author — fountleroy tinkertoy


Republicans added 4 more in the Senate! And as for the House? It won’t matter very much.

Republicans made gains in the Senate, and with just a slightly left House, the Dems are basically paralyzed. Remember, there are 435 congressional members (so 5 or 10 is nothing).
-The President can Veto,
-The Senate can Block,
-And the Supreme Court can Reject any BS from the Dems. [And they have to cooperate or their popularity will go from 14% to 9% with the American people!]

Historically, this is a major Republican victory for any midterm! 🇺🇸

Author — Maine Mermaid




Author — kindlydude


A free Press were 15 years ago there was 150 different companies and networks now there 6 that control the whole lot leftist owned media.

Author — Mark Turnbull


What CNN is doing to against President Trump is totally from the devil, we must pray and believing that the living God is going to allows the angels to destroy the CNN NBC ABC MSNBC and their evil hosts.

Author — Wirat Jupia


Even of you forget the way Acosta treats the President and Sarah. He is even more disrespectful to the other press people by hijacking every press conference with his BS

Author — MrAitraining


It's a scary thought.
We had no clue how deep the corruption went, or how close we came to having a president (a murderous, dirty hag) who would have led our country to total destruction.

Thank God for President Trump. He's not a perfectly polished, smooth talking politician. But he's a man who speaks his mind, and ran for the position because he knew how badly we needed a good leader - someone who would have the guts to stand up to the self-serving bullies in Washington and righten the wrongs. He knew that we needed someone with a good business mind, over a weak, power-hungry, career politician, just interested in the title. And he's proved his worth to us, every day, by meeting all of his campaign promises, and accomplishing more for us in 22 months than any other president.

Say what you will about him (personally) but his record speaks for itself. And I'll take a president who speaks his mind, loves our country, is willing to put his neck on the line for us, is a great diplomat, and has more courage, resilience, and grit, than ANY other man that has stepped foot into the Oval Office, over any other. Needless to say, I stand behind our President!

MAGA 2018-2020! 🇺🇸

Author — Maine Mermaid


Is just me, but Jim (*) sat down and relinquished the mic as soon as Donnie steped away from the podium. He feared Donnie was going to smack him. What a sissy! Now, imagine if that intern was Christine Forbes...

Author — Eu Sei


I used to watch CNN, but I stopped watching it several yrs ago.Sir. CNN is disgrace for the news media, Acosta is mean and rude,
Ladies, you are great! Ladies'👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Author — Annamma Philipose


We are ready for 2020! President Trump Yes!!!

Author — Jennifer Lujan


Jim pretends he is a stable genius but everyone knows he is full of hate.

Author — Christine Fisher-Campbell