The Anupam Kher Show | Rishi Kapoor Special

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The Anupam Kher Show | Rishi Kapoor Special 4.5

One of the most recognizable faces in the Hindi film industry, Rishi Kapoor shares his childhood stories, and the tales behind the rich body of work he has left behind.


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Hard to accept that this gem is not with us anymore. Wonder when this program was shot. Rishi Kapoor looks so full of

Author — Pralhad Phadnis


Good show I thoroughly enjoyed..Mere pithaji ko Rishiji ke gaane bahut Pasand the..R.I.P Rishiji Kapoorji & R.i.p my father

Author — Amar Films


He was a very charming personality. RIP sir 🙏🏻

Author — Divyansh Bagga


Rishi sir we love you really miss you and we wont be able to find your replacement

Author — ashutosh Kumar


Rishiji always spoke truth boldly... Truthful man, . Some People misinterpret his hia truthfulness in to rudness...he was not hypocrite... He was bold enough to speak truth boldly...his all incident he shares in his all Interview r word to word same.. Kyu ki, juth bole walo ko yaad rakhna padta hai ki, kahan Kya bola tha... But he always spoke n shared his life truthfully and admitted his mistakes also, and asked forgiveness also..

Author — Mom Dad


One of the best and most talented actors, the most beautiful in the world, thank you for the films, so much you brought us joy and happiness with your films, rest in peace dear sir Rishi, you are in our heart every day, with love from Russia.

Author — Маргарита Хейли


Very nice person, actor ♥️
Since he passing away Iam watching films, interviews even though I dont understand indian language, I love Rishi Kapoor very much, his contribution into the world cinemaindustry, enormous huge
Forever in our hearts ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Author — Динара Насырова


Love you Rishi ji. Everyday, am watching one or the other videos. Such a sincere, honest person and always telling the truth. Film jagat mei shayad hi koi eisa hai, jo har ek interview mei ek sawal ka ek tarah ka hi jawab diya ho. That's called talking the truth. If you tell the truth, the answers also have to be the same. Loads of love.❤❤❤❤ Rest in peace. Aum Shanti. 🙏🙏💐

Author — Jaya Maitra


Yess rishiji was right today's music is not music only noise 😒

Author — Nilam kumawat


30:30 truth about today's music ask any actor Or actress of 70s80s all will say the same thing and even me saala ajkal ka ganna bhi koi ganna hai other thn some songs

Author — Arkadeep singha


Rishi ji gets uncomfortable on the family front ...

Author — Bittu Singhal


5:22 fail hona kabi kabi bohot achi baat b hoti hai..itne log fail hoke behtar career chune!!

Author — T GR8-1


Where is Mithun da where is shatrughan sinha
Where is Dharmender
Where is Danny
Where is Shahid kapoor
Where is Salim khan
Javed akthar Manoj Kumar
Ye Sab Kisi ne kuch Nahi kaha
Rishi kapoor chalegaye 😢😢

Author — Kranthi Kiran


Wow, such a bold and truthfull person he was, one of the best interviews I have ever seen.

Author — Praveen Sahani


32:22 "Koi bhi nikalu?" 🙄 Obviously that's the purpose of picking a chit !

Author — Rupesh Pandey


Really rishijii have golden Heart ♥legend😍😍

Author — Akhi Akter


Rishi ji was a perfect entertainer. His presents, every time in the scene, always refreshed the mood of the audience.

Author — Sudarsanan Madhavan


Amazing personality... Rishi kapoor 🙏🌹👏

Author — Aqueel A Khan


Absolutely best human being of his times..and also a good actor

Author — king of times


Loved Rishi Kapoor he was such a huge part of my growing up. I saw Khabie Khabie when I was 11 and I fell in love with him and Neetu x

Author — Sunita Sehmi