Climbing The Nose on Looking Glass Rock December 5th, 2021 (Pitches 1-3)

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 months ago

POV of my first time climbing a 4 pitch route. Ran out of memory card space before starting pitch 4, so was only able to record the first 3 pitches.

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Awesome! Seriously, thanks for sharing.

My partner and have a trip planned to Looking Glass last week of November! I've climbed there before years ago, but have plenty of questions if you've got a few minutes!

- Weather. you seem comfy in short sleeves, how cool was it that day?

- Hike in. I've read that the 475B gate is usually close that time of year, did you have to hike from the hatchery? If so, how was it? any advice?

- Anything at all about the rack you guys were using! Im trying to come prepared. Besides a standard .3-4 set, what kind of stuff should I double/prioritize? I have tricams on the way but it doesn't seem like your team used them much. Just a preference thing?

- Just to put it in context, are you a gym climber or mostly outdoors? How would you gauge your ability at this point, and how did the 5.8 grade feel by comparison?

- Anything you wish you knew before hand or would have done differently?

Ignore any flack you get in the comments, seeing this was tremendously encouraging! There are plenty of novices out there like myself to which this kind of thing is invaluable!

Author — David Whise


Did this climb with a guide and it was super fun. We only got to the 3rd pitch because we did it in the rain, after that we just rappelled down. But whole experience was still super fun.

Author — Austin Johnson