Dog Riding Motorcycle Detained

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

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Don’t forget the dog, he gets an A for being a good boy

Author — guacsock


1. This guy loves his dog more than most dog loving humans
2. This dog is living the best dog life possible
3. This cop is a douche

Author — CJ Diesel


I love that he's being accused of being cold hearted. Like, he spent 13000 miles riding with his dog cause he doesn't care about his dog. Sounds legit.

Author — Seth Bourque


Officer: "what if a Pitbull attacks your dog while he's on your motorcycle?"
Anyone: "Cite the person for not controlling their animal?"

Author — AnExPor


That dog is literally in heaven. He gets to go on a ride with his owner and get fresh air. What a tool

Author — B W


"what if a pitbull attacks your dog while he's on your motorcycle?"
With this mindset, taking a dog for a walk should be illegal.

Author — Frost


Bravo gets an A+ for thoroughly invoking his right to remain silent, remaining calm and polite throughout the encounter, and for generally being a good boy.

Author — Sean Rallis


“Hey bravo, load up”
“He’s well trained, I give you that”
Me: yea, a hell of a lot better than you.
This cop was on a power trip and felt he couldn’t back down once he committed.

Author — Kail Brown


How can the cop possibly think the dog will be safer at a shelter than with this amazing owner

Author — Evatv4ulolz


You can tell this cop loves the sound of his voice.

Author — Idc Lawl


Law Enforcement: The only job in America where the customers are required to know all of the company policy, but the employees aren't required to know any.

Author — Jon Gilbert


It’s such a pet peeve of mine when I see officers in video start making up what if scenarios. It’s so annoying and many could be made inside and when you leave your house. Danger is everywhere. That’s why there’s rules and laws to abide by…for safety. Makin up shit just to be right is crazy!

Author — PeggyBaby08


As a dual sport rider myself, this is THE dream. I've seen 'Mac & Bravo' 's videos posted before and its something that all of us adventure rider guys with dogs dream bring our dogs along somehow. I've joked about attaching a sidecar to my DRZ-400 so my Shepherd can come along. What Mr. Proctor is doing is actually DOING what we dream of, and having a trustworthy and good-tempered dog to actually do it with. He's giving Bravo the life that all dogs deserve and how the officer cannot see that is beyond me and makes me have less respect for him.

Author — Lance Littleton


Of course it had to be a Southern California officer that did this. This state is beyond dog friendly; you see dogs in & on bicycles, skateboards, scooters, motorcycles, cars, trucks, & in small bags/purses worn by their owners. I'm truly surprised that this Culver City cop actually pulled this guy over for this. Most officers just smile & wave when they see such things. Doing the "what if" line of questioning is laughable to me. What if the sky falls?

Author — Vixster T.


I’ve watched a lot of these, and this officer is so incredibly condescending and rude that I’m actually heated. Saying he doesn’t care about his dog and he’s being cold hearted. Riiigghhhtt. A cold hearted man that takes his little doggie everywhere he goes. So dumb

Author — Taylor Vogel


This guy and his dog are literally the opposite of abuse. Every dog wishes to have an owner that cares and loves them like this.

Author — Stomping Peak


"You need a leash too, that's another infraction"

Wtf do you mean? A leash is supposed to be there to keep an animal attached to you so they don't roam far from you. This officer is just trying to stack whatever charges he wants at this point, nobody of reasonable intelligence would actually think him not having a leash on the dog in this moment is a violation of any sort.

Author — EpicWinNoob


I used to do this with my dog. She absolutely loved it.

Author — MrSlanderer


"Cruel or Inhumane"
So by that logic, it would have to be Inhumane to Ride the motorcycle at all for a human, correct?

Author — dusparr


by this officer's logic, the use of k-9 units is animal cruelty

Author — Zach McLean