How to Create Shared SMB Folder Windows 10

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Learn how you can create a Shared SMB folder on Windows 10.

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Hey, all right? Thank you very much for the video, it helped me a lot. I was trying to access my movie folder via VLC on my Android TV ... I finally got it! hehe

Strong hug from Brazil

Author — João Victor


Thanks. Straight to the point and worked

Author — christina


Does your pc need to stay on? can the pc/laptop which you set up the shared folder be switched off ? or does the device need to be on?

Author — Youssef .E


Hey thanks for this, it helped me set up my smb sharing with VLC on amazon's firestick. I looked through a day of information and it didn't help much. THANK YOU SO MUCH

Author — Daniel Zeng


Thank you
works well and very nicely explained

Author — Haeed Ahmed


I did this but I could not figure it out how to login from my TiVo

Author — Francisco Espinoza


how to create an SMB share without password? i.e. login anonymously

Author — Edi H.