Joe Rogan Rips Gal Gadot's Star-Studded 'Imagine' Video, Trevor Noah Mocks Trump & More | THR News

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Joe Rogan Rips Gal Gadot's Star-Studded 'Imagine' Video, Trevor Noah Mocks Trump & More | THR News 3.5

Joe Rogan rips into Gal Gadot's star-studded "Imagine" video, Trevor Noah calls out Trump on his plan to re-open the country by Easter and NBC pulls an all-too-timely pandemic centered episode of 'New Amsterdam.'

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Those celebrities were just feeling bad that the coronavirus is getting more attention than they are

Author — devilamir9


Trevor Noah mocks Trump. That's literally every episode of the Daily Show. Hell its every night talk show besides Conan.

Author — kerpal3


Millionaire celebrities singing about “ no possessions” ?

Author — Stephen Westover


Shows how much these celebrities are disconnected from the real world.

Author — Dugar


I agree with Rogan. Celebrities don't get it yet. They are not that interesting and most people don't care to hear their delusional, self righteous, hypocritical opinions.

Author — T J


“Trevor Noah mocks trump” wow how original! No talk show host has ever done that!

Author — Poopy


I’m a fan of most of those actors but I really didn’t appreciate the video, it made me feel...cringy

Author — Candice Walker


Trevor criticizing Trump. Like that’s new.

Author — Thomas Straight


Yeah, thanks for the song it helps a lot when people are dying around you. How about you celebrities donate some money instead of singing.

Author — Adi Adrian


More clueless millionaires, and we wonder why civilization is falling apart.

Author — Three Crows


It’s just embarrassing that they thought of how amazing they are and just busted out into song as if it was gonna heal the world lol such a narcissistic celebrity thing to do.

Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean people are relying on you to make them feel all mooshy, maybe take a back seat on this one because if anyone could guarantee not getting infected it’s you and you’re village sized property.

Author — Wolfy


Anthem for social communism and "many letters communities"? No religion, no possession, no nationality. Nothing that makes you you. So no gender as well, and no dreams, no desires, no passions. Preferably nothing that can even remotely offend another person. In the end this song is calling to create a world with bland people with nothing unique to them, so people can be as one. Although apart but everyone the same. The true hive mind that are of one will.

"We are the Borg. Resistance is futile."

Author — Lukas Wicher


Let’s all be positive during this time and just enjoy how mad celebrities are getting!

Author — Terry Mccorry


Trevor Noah has to be dullest person on earth. I didn’t know he was considered a comedian I thought he was a failed actor or something

Author — BC LR


Trevor criticizing Trump... okay dat new

Author — Bahhep Lyngdh


It's a same covid 19 didn't wipe out all these paedophille celebs..

Author — Brian Doyle


Trevor Noah needs to STFU! I used to love watching him but it's all he does. Sorry can't watch him anymore. Been watching Jimmy Fallon with his two adorable daughters that steal the show every night. #FallonTonight 👍

Author — Robbie Lee


The daily show should have lit the set on fire after Jon Stewart left instead of the never ending bomb

Author — GTW THREE


Trevor criticizing Don? Have never seen that before!

Author — Bryan Allen


Imagine there's no heaven...
Yikes that will not comfort people dying

Author — Ricky Parmar