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Time to show you all how to play everybody's favorite cutie, Villager! (If you don't play pink villager, you can go ahead and leave). Let me teach you how a true master plays this character.

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"Trust me, you are cancerous"
you're probably the only smash youtuber who has admitted some of his fans are like this
I applaud you

Author — Captain Heropon


Sonic; the fastest thing alive. Too bad his thought process isn't as fast as his running speed.

Author — SaberZX


"Everybody knows how to play Villager."
*does not know how to play Villager*

Author — Doof Network


I'm pretty sure Villager isn't a child. That's just how people look in the wild world of Animal Crossing.

Author — Tin Films


I tried the Sonic avoiding game.
My record is 2 minutes and 57 seconds.

Author — Nuka


Are you sure about the villager being a child, are you sure that she isn't some sort of a very small midget gnome person.

Also I play Turnip Villager.

Author — So Zetta Slow


Villager isn't a child. Vanillager is Mayor and the others are at least old enough to have a mortgage.

Author — Alexander M


Props to you man. One of the best gameplay videos I've watched in a loong time

Author — Simon Robson


"They are, without a shadow of a doubt, the MOST cancerous players in all of Smash four."
As a Sm4sh character, he has to represent his fanbase and games, yaknow?

Author — Στρατηγικός Amelia


Sonic's speed and combos are why I love him so much. Otherwise, I'd probably play Sheik

Author — Reaching Beyond


"A child"

Villager is technically a legal adult, since they own their own house and can become mayor.

Author — Kamek Sans


This is my tip to all of you of how to play Villager.

Step 1: Stand on the edge of a stage
Step 2: Bait the opponent to you
Step 3: Backthrow them
Step 4: Do your forward smash off of the ledge so that the bowling ball hits them when they are close to the blast zone at the bottom

Author — Emerald


"I play Sonic on For Glory and I'm not cancerous" "Yes, you are" best part 10/10

Author — Fell God


Wait, how is Villager a child? He/she is the mayor of a F*CKING TOWN!

Author — peethan


Just discovered your videos on Reddit yesterday -- found you in r/smashbros. Really enjoying your content, particularly these "How To" videos. Keep up the great work, dude!

Author — Andy Boy 2


0:18 Little Mac is a child right? I remember him being 17 years old...

Author — senpi314


Your voice cast a spell on me, I was enchanted, by the time I’d actually put it together what you said you spent years developing how to be a cute little girl, I was in stitches 😂😂😂😂

Author — Con


god bless this man for making these with such frequency

Author — calclor


Well, I prefer to blend most of Villager's attacks together, tossing my opponent around like a ragdoll.

Author — Gamerguy 41


How to win every time as femager: Do the side taunt

Author — BagelMaster5000