A Haunting In Georgia (Paranormal Documentary) | Timeline

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A Haunting In Georgia (Paranormal Documentary) | Timeline 4.5

Andy and Lisa Wyrick are concerned, their four year old daughter Heidi has two imaginary playmates; "Mr. Gordy," an elderly man who pushes her on the swing, and "Con," a younger man Heidi describes as "missing an arm and covered with blood." When Lisa tells a neighbour of Mr. Gordy and Con, she is astonished to learn that the two men once lived in the area, and they're both deceased.

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How is she having hallucinations of people she has never seen or met but can identify? Hallucinations that cause visible marks on the body? To me this is proof science has no clue...

Author — * Remedy


I think Mr Gordy was *PROTECTING* the little child from another entity that was harmful.

Author — Pink Lady


When your dog runs away and never comes back you know it's bad. Lol, lol, lol...

Author — Dion de Beer


“We need a dark figure to play an evil spirit.”

“Well, we have the budget for a black hoodie.”


Author — diabeticmonkey


I wish there could be an update on this story, how are they doing today.

Author — Jane do


She's wins the "Worst sandwich maker" award.

Author — Life in Washington


And no parent should let their child open the door if someone knocking in the first place.

Author — L'existence Eshé


Mr gordy just looks like a kind old man who wants to take care of their children

Author — Snowy XD


The Psychologist was just killing time. He had no idea about what was happening.

Author — Tahir Bhat


Mr Gordy wasn't harming Heidi so yes he's a good spirit. He just wanted to stay in that house as a forever caretaker. 🙏

Author — jornald nace


I can’t be the only one who wants to be Mr. Gordy’s friend😩🥺

Author — AlliB Gionette


I was watching these ads and they kept getting momentarily interrupted by a paranormal show

Author — Rick Cornwell


When a dog is barking and carrying on at what we see as an empty space take notice, same for cats when they hiss and spit at supposedly nothing.

Author — Flint Dacat


“Soooo...I’m hallucinating my scratches too?”

Author — MandyMagnolia19


I know exactly where this location is. I live in Folkston & know just about every road in Georgia. Moral of the story. NEVER buy a house that the previous owner (s) ran off & left it!! There’s a good reason why they left

Author — jonesjames89


He was probably standing next to the grave, waving her down. That's how she knew it was his

Author — Obie drier


Mr gordy is. Protecting your family from the evil people in the house

Author — Deborah Langnese


Dr roll shud spend a couple of nights ALONE in.the house and see how his ions theory plays out😎

Author — Chimeke Awuta Coker


Dr Roll is so full of it, I don't know how the parents went to science for help instead of God, Heidi's father should of known better since he says he's a God fearing man, I guess not.

Author — Rongopai Hiku


Mr gordy never came back after being offered a sandwich like that 😂

Author — T Rex