12 Most Amazing Unexpected Finds

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12 Most Amazing Unexpected Finds 4.5

You don’t always need to have great investigative skills to make surprising discoveries; sometimes, you just have to be lucky! We all know the joy of putting on an old jacket or a pair of jeans and finding money we’d completely forgotten about in the pockets. Everything you’re about to see in this video is a little like that - but on a much grander scale! There are some of our favorite random, unexpected finds from recent times.

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FYI: This is the SECOND tank that has had the same " golden " reward stashed in the fuel tank. See the same way used as a plot device in " Ice Station Zebra ". I tend to think that was created from the 1st tank discovery. Tanks for reading this...

Author — the_punnisher


Guy buys tank and finds gold bars worth 2 million dollars in the engine... now that’s a very lucky find

Author — Brett Newton


vikings were common sight in Estonia so no mistery how it got there :D

Author — Rainer


This is a great video for people with good character. Great job returning what was owed to the true owners.

Author — Tarnoc Doino


I love how he says "He had to use techniques that are archaic" just makes me laugh.

Author — Joshua Scott


I collect tanks... On my pixel game XD

Author — PunisherXOmega


My personal favorite was the tank. I'd be a kid in a candy store.

Author — TPAMan1


As for the last guy, I think I would have kept my mouth shut.

Author — Mcgyver Newone


Basically dude got the tank for free lol

Author — Brian Johnson


Good video, if i have only one of those finders lucky, then i'm are very hapy.

Author — Metaldiver


The guy at the end of video: "Vern, there's gold in them tank, knowhatimean?"

Author — Jack_H68


The man who bought the tank only reinforces the adage, money makes money.

Author — Shane Tripcony


13:25. The real life version of Three Kings, by those who stashed the gold.

Author — MarineAqua45


If I found that gold I would have melted it in to 1 once pieces and sold a little bit here and there. All mine.

Author — Bradley Elkins


Good reason to buy a used tank on eBay.

Author — Kort Kramer


That soldier is really a man of honor! And those students too...

Author — Pierre-Andre Labeau


I suppose my finding a gold treasure would be not be news worthy...mainly because no one would ever hear of it.

Author — Jim Northland


Veuve Clicquot is pronounced: _'vuvv cleeko ponsardan'_

Author — John Kean


The former marine that bought the antique chest and found the secret compartment full of very valuable gold and precious jewelry, whom then returned it to it's original owner was very honourable!

His outstanding integrity in returning the cache of valuables to their rightful owner stands as a beacon to his absolute integrity!

This is the way to lead one's life, with integrity, honesty and honour!

Author — Felix Cat


Speak for yourself. I like spicey and leathery 😀

Author — LS6-SS