MLB 1,000,000 IQ Plays

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If I had a nickel for every time Lester threw his glove with the ball stuck in it to Rizzo, I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot but it's weird that it's happened twice

Author — SemiSolid Snake


0:47 - The intelligence of this play is easy to overlook. Bottom of the 13th inning... Winning run on third base with fewer than two outs... If the right fielder catches that foul pop, the runner tags up at third and scores the winning run on a walk-off sacrifice fly.

Author — Eldred Brown


“Don’t throw it away...don’t throw it all”. Is a great call in the moment

Author — JohnnyRye


Who else watching this because who knows when we’ll watch baseball again because of Coronavirus

Author — Sebastiano Brion


3:52 you know it’s an amazing play when the camera man gets faked out.

Author — Eli Mosher


6:55 The most cinematic real-life play I've ever seen!

Author — Jacob Halifax


Molina’s play at 1:40, that’s literally straight from the 12u travel handbook😂😂

Author — Drew Neff


2:59 can someone explain the purpose of bouncing the throw like this? Im genuinely curious why this is beneficial



All I learned was that the Dodgers don't cover 3rd base...

Author — nandy9285


“Infante.. to Escobar.. UNBELIEVABLE”

Will never get over that play.

Author — Zach Wegley


0:46 smartest play ever he decided to let the ball go foul rather than catching it and letting the runner tag up and score the game winning run

Author — MA Racing


6:55 has got to be the most elite teamwork I have ever seen

Author — King Henry VIII


Just stopping by to see if the pirates have ever made a smart play

Author — Tim Ambrose


Guess I’ll have to watch the -1, 000, 000 IQ plays to see any pirates highlights 🤦‍♂️

Author — Rob Cranston


“Thats the smartest play in the history of baseball” lmao its like the least impressive play in this video

Author — Jack Kent


00:17 the smart play there was to duck

Author — YoungCrs


Y’all already know if some of these didn’t work in favor of the playmakers, they’d be called bloopers

Author — Corey Somers


1:46 I love how he just sat there in defeat

Author — Cole_ 337


My favorite thing about plays like 6:56 is the team synergy this takes. Like true teammates would instantly know what to do in this situation and react accordingly which is what I love about baseball: it’s truly a team sport.

Author — BiggJern


6:44 this was my signature play growing up playing mlb the show and other games lmao.

Author — Edit Name